Friends, here is a short email conversation I had tonight with my 'tech expert', whom I have stayed in contact with, and who gave me the following information. Because he is waking up to the dangers of the present global wireless proliferation, he is having some regrets and reconsideration with his participation in this industry.

However, he is still dedicated to providing us with information for our continuing EMF education. You may want to follow this email thread. The 5G tech seems to moving foward quite smoothly and rapidly. 

Tech Expert: 

Something I have long anticipated, now I just look at in regret. I pushed to get 5G deployed with SBA's DAS [distributed antenna system] networks, now all I can do is sit and reflect on the poor impulse of my actions. A better future, but at an exceedingly high cost. Concerning. 
Neil's Response: 
I want you to be patient with me and tell me in stupid language, the language I speak....what does this mean? What exactly are the implications? That soon all cell phones will be 5G compatible? That 5G will be on towers and small cells at 26 and 38 gigahertz as they stated in the article? Tell me more so I can explain it clearly to the people on my email list. Thanks 

Tech Expert: 
Basically, Verizon now has a smartphone that is compatible with 5G. Meaning 
that 5G connectivity will be mainstream on Verizon cellphones in areas with 
5G coverage by early 2019. Soon everyone will have a 38 gigahertz transmitter in their pocket. 
Neil's Response: 
Literally a 38ghz transmitter, meaning the cell phone will be transmitting at frequencies I cannot even measure with my meters which only go up to 8ghz? 

Tech Expert: 
Correct. The phones will of course have LTE bands and maybe CDMA that doesn't go above 8GHz, but 24GHz and 38GHz will also be transmitting as they try to connect to the 5G TF network.

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Will the 5g at 38 ghz effect people that at present are not emf sensitive but will with this new radiation crap.

Good info and yet folk will still go and update their I-phones to the latest gig instead of chucking their existing one in the trash for good. I admit to having an 8 yr old 3G cell phone for emergency when away from home in a vehicle that might break down (cuz I'm getting soft in the head) and yet in the old days we had none of that crap, you could flag down another vehicle for help and get help like last time I did that was outback Oz in 2013. When I go hiking on foot I will Not take a mobile so if I trip and break arm/leg or worse then so be it. Going to town once a month nearly kills me as everything is so wired already. Meanwhile I keep planting trees in my necka the woods to try and alleviate effects of what's seemingly coming but doesn't have to happen.


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