Friends, I am sure it will be rather boring and beginner level, compared to the EMF education I have already provided you over the last few years, however, just to let you know, Deborah J Whitman of has me joining her weekly conference call/interview tonight to speak about the EMF issue. 

I am supposed to be offering some education on the EMF issue and people will be calling in with questions. The call is tonight at 8:00pm Pacific Time. The phone number is: (515) 739-1015. Then enter the code: 678272192#

Again, for most of you, this conference call may be boring and repetitive since through my email updates I have offered quite a bit of education through the last number of years. However, for those of you who enjoy the ongoing education on the EMF subject, you are welcome to join the conference call and ask any questions you may have.

And I hope you watched a few of the free presentations on the online EMF summit that has been going on. I heard at least 3 doctors hinting toward the fact that a huge percentage of our health issues are EMF related. I have had this hunch for many years, as it has become apparent to me that we were never meant to live inside "electrified" homes, nonetheless, electrified homes with toxic wireless radiation on top of everything else!

As I always offer, anything I can do for you to assist your process of creating a healthier home or office environment, please let me know. In about 3 weeks I will have the highest quality shielding sleeping bags and a few different styles of shielding hats in stock. I am working with a brilliant gentleman in the UK to bring them here to the USA. I can also provide discounts for you on shielding fabrics or Greenwave Filters to lower the dirty electricity on your home wiring.

The entire subject of 5G is very concerning. If you live in residential neighborhoods, stay awake and aware with this new 5G "deployment."

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