Friends, I don't speak to you in this way very often, "Everyone Needs to Listen To This." However, it is true, everyone does. Arthur Firstenberg very genuinely tells it like it is regarding our use of cellular phones, 5G, and even the death and slavery our cellular phone use is causing in other parts of the world where they are mining a rare mineral used for cell phones. 

If any of us were present to witness the genocide or child slavery/labor caused by our arrogant and ignorant 'first world' addiction to our cellular phones we would drop them in the trash without hesitation.

Here is the talk from Arthur, very powerful, a must-listen!

Watch this, then try enjoying connecting on Facebook through the cell phone:

Let's all try staying asleep after watching this:
Your Cell Phone Is Responsible For The Deaths of 2.5 Million Children

Minister Lex Johnson reports on the U.S. and Belgium's government's involvement in the on-going war in the Congo, which has caused the death of over 4.5. million people, half of them children. These children are being kidnapped and forced to work in Coltan mines, a precious mineral critical in the manufacture of cell phones.

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Same is true regarding diamond/gold mining in Africa.I liked that young minister.

I am so sad to hear this, although I have always been aware that cellphones cause damage to our health, it would appear far more than we can imagine, I did start using special materials to wrap around plugs and points showing a high level of electrical radiation, (I have a small gadget that register it) and I hardly ever carry my phone around with me, only on trips in the car in case of breakdown. But I worry about my Son who use his none stop due to work related clients, and my Grandson aged 12, is never off his, even when visiting, that is all he does...why his parents don't say anything is sad..but I cannot have any effect on his habits its been going on a long time. I am sure they could have made much safer mechanisms, but do the Corporations or Governments care about public health, not at all... So sad about how other countries are being treated, abused and used to further corporation profits...I had no idea they need something out the ground for these gadgets.. We are rapidly descending into a very dark realm on many levels.

I have Never had a Cell Phone, Never ! 


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