CBS 60 Minutes, ABC’s 20/20Good Morning America and other media outlets have aired segments addressing issues about how technology is adversely affecting children.  A former Facebook president and executive have also expressed regret in the role they have played in this.

Over the years, documentary films have been produced as well.  The latest is Child, Disrupted. Its first public screening will be at the California Independent Film Festival (CAIFF) on August 30, 2018.

(video can be accessed at source link below)

Other documentaries include:

Screenagers which

PROBES INTO THE VULNERABLE CORNERS OF FAMILY LIFE AND DEPICTS MESSY STRUGGLES OVER SOCIAL MEDIA, VIDEO GAMES and ACADEMICS.  The film offers solutions on how we can help our kids navigate the digital world.

Generation Zapped which

investigates the potential dangers of prolonged exposure to Radio Frequencies (RF) from wireless technology; it’s effects on our health and well-being, as well as the health and development of our children. From its links to breast and brain cancer, to its associations with increased infertility and genetic mutations related to autism and ADHD, to newly developed illnesses, such as Electrical Hyper-Sensitivity (EHS).

Wi-Fried which

highlights a few factors to which the public is largely unaware. Safety protocols have been advertised for the use of cellular technologies among users with pacemakers, but should this admonition be expanded to include all users? Radiofrequency radiation – the same energy that powers our cell phones and tablets – has been classified as a possible carcinogen. In the face of this uncertain determination, should additional safety measures be adopted as a precautionary measure until further study proves more conclusive?

Mobilize which

explores the potential long-term health effects from cell phone radiation including brain cancer and infertility. This thought-provoking film examines the most recent scientific research and the challenges politicians face trying to pass cell phone safety legislation. Through interviews with expert researchers, major mobile associates, and prominent politicians, Mobilize presents a balanced and insightful observation about this unspoken health issue.

Take Back Your Power which investigates exposure to digital and wireless utility “Smart” Meters:

Smart meters emit pulsed microwave radiation every few seconds, thousands of times stronger than a cell phone call. There’s a growing stack of published scientific evidence indicating a significant risk of adverse biological effects of this type of radiation… but governments are telling us it’s safe.

Resonance of Beings which

examines 60 years of scientific research, to uncover for the very first time, the actual mechanisms by which mobile phone technology can cause cancer.

And, how every single one of us is reacting to the biggest change in environment this planet has ever seen.

If you are concerned about how digital, electronic, and wireless devices and infrastructure are affecting you and the ones you love, you are not alone.  See source link for full references.

By BN Frank
(Source:; August 6, 2018;

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Occupational health and safety go hard on me, especially working on roofs. why is emf safety not recognised by health officials? seems absolutely stupid. 1000000000000000000 times more radiation than 10 years ago?! and i guess that numbers gna boost hard when 5g connects


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