Friends, as most of you know, although I consider myself somewhat of a professional EMF consultant, providing consulting work most every day to people around the world, I am still rather retarded in regards to even using a smart phone!

My cheap smart phone sits in my car at all times, rarely do I use it. And I don't remember ever using it to even get on the internet and am not sure how to even do that. So there are many aspects of a smart phone I don't know about. 

For reducing one's exposure to the cellular radiation, all I have known to offer is for people not to hold the phone to their head, use the speakerphone or a headset, and carry the phone on airplane mode when not in use. I knew that using "airplane mode" shuts down the phone in a way that stops most all of the dangerous levels of radiation from pulsing through one's body all day long when carrying the phone.

A good friend of mine has been trying to tell me that turning off the "cellular data" option would create much less radiation, and he has been asking me to bring my meter over to check this out. I brought my microwave meter over to his home today and low and behold, he was right!

If you own an iphone, there is an option in the settings menu referred to as "cellular data." If you DISABLE the following options: WIRELESS, BLUETOOTH, and CELLULAR DATA, guess what?...the phone will still receive and make calls, will still send and receive texts, but there is no radiation coming out of the phone until a call is activated. I verified this with the microwave meter. And even when making or receiving a call, the radiation was much lower then when the wireless and bluetooth options were enabled as well.

Thus, with the "cellular data" option disabled (and of course the wireless and bluetooth disabled as well), you basically turn the iphone into one of the old style flip phones, as it is no longer constantly exchanging data with local cell towers and pulsing large amounts of dangerous radiation through the body while carrying the phone all day. 

Previously, I thought that only airplane mode would do this. However, my friend enlightened me to this option we are talking about here. I wonder how many people actually know this? Let me hear back from you?

In addition, and I am not sure about this, but I think what I have offered here may only be relevant to an iphone. I have a cheap smart phone, which is not an iphone, and it has no option for "cellular data" on it. Thus, this suggestion may only be relevant for those with iphones. 

And since most people have iphones, this is excellent news for a healthy alternative for those who carry phones around all day! Make sure to pass this information around, it is very important!

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I don't use a Cellphone, but I know lots who do. Useful information thanks!


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