Friends, let's play out this scenario in a way that might be very probable and practical. Let's say you have at least a little respect for my email updates and opinions regarding the present wireless radiation issue and what we will be dealing with in terms of the new 5G technology.

And I would guess that many of you, although you read these emails and have a sense of how important and real this issue is, you might be relaxing quite comfortably in your present living situation. You might think, Neil is a cool guy, but that is ridiculous for him to think people are going to pack up and move, or that we should not live in apartment buildings because of wireless radiation, and so forth.

So you read my emails, embrace the information openly, but are pretty relaxed into your daily lives and environments, not giving much thought to the future. But let's play this out in a grounded, practical and probable way. Here is what the future may look and feel like if you simply 'allow' the future to find you, to catch up with you, rather than you staying awake and wisely vigilant about what is coming...

Innocently, you buy yourself a new iphone or android phone. Your obviously impressed with how much faster this new 5G technology is, but don't give much thought to the new technology inside the phone. But strangely, you find yourself feeling cranky, irritated or getting a headache in much less time than you used to before the 5G. Maybe you don't give it much thought, not really knowing or thinking about the fact that now there is an entirely new and even more 'penetrative' technology inside your phone. Possibly you are simply wondering if you accidentally ate some gluten or extra sugar one day? Do you sense where I am going with this?

Let's say you have enjoyed sitting at your desk, working at your computer, and periodically looking out at the beautiful trees in your yard for a number of years. You don't use wireless and usually feel pretty decent working at your computer. Then one day you start noticing strange headaches or brain fog, or other symptoms you just cannot source or understand. And of course, you never saw the installers place the new, very small, stealth 5G transmitters in numerous places around your neighborhood, with a transmitter 20 or 30 yards from your home!

Or you used to go to town, shop for food, do errands and more or less enjoy yourself while getting these tasks done. And for some reason you start noticing more irritation, anxiety or subtle tension when doing these errands in town. You notice other people just seem a bit more uptight than you have noticed before. And of course, your town now has hundreds, possibly thousands of the new 5G transmitters positioned in various inconspicuous places that are not easily noticed. The radiation exposure levels have become higher and the various 'frequencies' used for the 5G communications are now an additional factor saturating the environment.

My friends, THIS IS HOW IT WILL CREEP UP ON ALL OF US. IT WILL NOT BE LIKE A BIG ROCK FALLING OUT OF THE SKY. IT WILL CREEP UP. I am simply a voice from the future warning you before the future creeps up. I really don't expect anyone, because of my emails, to immediately move or look for a secluded piece of land somewhere in the USA or another country. However, the need for this type of consideration WILL CREEP UP ON US ALL.

My message, to all therapists, healers, doctors, chiropractors, bodyworkers, meditation teachers, psychics, those who deal with patients and clients with health not start off looking for the causes of peoples' health issues through the lenses of perception you most often use. As a foundation, just as a starting point, to support a person's physical and psychological health, try to inspire them to assess how much wireless exposure they are dealing with in their lives. Start there.  

This means their cell phone habits. The wireless modems, routers, cordless phones and alarm systems blasting all day and night inside their homes. As well, their proximity to cell towers and the new 5G transmitters that will be going up in neighborhoods. 

A very dear friend of mine, a well-trained and talented healer, craniosacral practitioner, bodyworker and health consultant, thanked me for the previous emails about the 5G issue. She felt the education allowed her to offer an additional level of empowerment and inspiration to her clients, ultimately supporting their health and well-being with an even wider spectrum of awareness.

This is all I am referring to here. Simply adding an additional level of awareness, support and service to what you are presently offering your clients, patients and/or friends. 

Please read the article below if you have the time. It is a good addition to our further education on this subject.

Quote from the article below:

"5G is an entirely different beast from the 4G of today. Not only is it ten times faster, but it also requires the installation of thousands of base stations on buildings and utility poles in order to spread its signals. Some are just the size of a smoke detector, and researchers estimate that one station will be needed for roughly every 12 homes in urban areas given the relatively small distances these signals are able to travel. So even though you might be able to choose not to live by cell towers now, you will soon have nowhere to hide once these antenna base stations start cropping up all over the place."

The EMF assault continues as 5G rolls out – but does anyone know the consequences to human health, the environment?

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Yes me in foxton beach getting blasted with sparks new cell phone tower getting head aches all the time on and off.

I noticed someone put a chrismas or new year decoration around the poll thankyou spark for frying my brain what is next 10g.

i Michael - we were up in Foxon late last year and were shocked at the towers that have popped up everywhere there - including the water towers!

I was given a new work laptop and it's massively increased my irritability. So im using my old one instead. 


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