Friends, I am starting to feel like I am getting grumpy and close minded. Three people today have sent me the following website, asking my opinion on these new EMF protection products from smiling salesman Ty Bollinger. And all I can do have a giant scowl on my face!

Now we all owe Ty a great deal of respect for his work as a author, regarding holistic cancer treatments. However, when I see him selling $500 or $2500 pieces of wood that are going to "protect" people from EMF I feel like I lose all respect for him.

This email is simply another warning to everyone...just let go of wishful, magical thinking. Stop hoping there is going to be a heaven-sent answer or device which will save us from our addiction to wireless devices. It is not going to happen!

I feel upset even looking at their advertising. It tells you nothing about the technology. It is just begging for desperate, magical thinking from those who are suffering the effects of various types of exposure. Upset, because people are going to believe that idiotic advertising and spend their hard earned money on those products.

Now maybe I am just getting grumpy and close minded? It is possible. But I am in the business of protecting people. I take this seriously. Is it possible his devices do anything? Yes, it is possible they may help 'reduce' some small degree of the biological stress caused by exposure to wireless devices. It is possible. However, they will not and cannot do anything to change, alter or eradicate the actual and physical wireless radiation in the home. 

Since I have this grumpy attitude, how did I rationalize being the USA distributor for the Blushield EMF protection products previously? Easy, they were a "powered" device, driven by a lithium battery. They delivered a wide spectrum of biocompatible, earthbased frequencies to the body when carried. And I told most every customer before they purchased, "These devices will NOT protect you." They may help reduce some of the biological stress of exposure, but do not rely on them for protection and think you can still use your wireless devices."

In this way, I could live with myself and sleep at night. And people did feel better using those devices. They were not $2400 pieces of metal and wood!

Maybe I am getting grumpy as stated. However, once again, please save your money. Please remember: The only true EMF PROTECTION IS ELIMINATION OF WIRELESS DEVICES, REDUCTION OF EXPOSURE, AND PROXIMITY (WHICH MEANS GETTING AS FAR AWAY FROM SOURCES OF RADIATION AS POSSIBLE). That is the magic answer.

Neil Steven Cohen

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Many times I've heard Barry Trower ex-Royal Navy microwave weapons expert say that there is no escape, especially with the satellites being deployed. I've even received the following email from a 5G technical expert insider regarding what can one do to protect ones self against 5G:

To David Oct 11 at 10:18 PM

Thanks David for posting. 

I removed all email addresses from your post and the tech experts last name.  I ask folk not to reveal their private sources on social media ;)

Blessings and thanks.

Apologies. I'll keep that in mind for future posts. Thank you.

no problem ♥

always scammers 

you are correct


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