Microwave Sickness: Important that we ALL start calling it what it is according to Webster's Dictionary

Important that we ALL start calling it what it is according to Webster's Dictionary- Microwave Sickness:   
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(Note: I think it is important to use a term that Webster Dictionary recognizes.  When I enter electrohypersensitivity, electro hypersensitivity, electrosensitivity, EHS nothing comes up and it is not recognize
.  If we are going to try to get this and other sicknesses caused by microwave radiation recognized and get protection, I think it is important to start with a term that is recognized.  
I realize this term does not refer to all electrosensitivity in the very low range like from electrical wiring but right now we are trying to address the massive roll out of 5G with its very high frequencies.   I think we all need to start using a term that does not in its nature marginalize us, is not bashed and discredited online as EHS is, and refers directly to what is happening: people are getting sick from microwaves.  I would like people to at least refer to Microwave sickness to increase people's understanding and then they can also add that people are also getting sick from the lower frequencies as well.  
Our communities are about to be majorly assaulted by 5G; I think we need to do everything we can to get decision makers to understand the problem and act to protect.)
Thanks as usual.  Kevin
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5:01 mins By Deborah Tavares

California issued a health advisory to limit cell phone use because cell phone frequencies have become brain addictive. This advisory is a camouflage to cover up health effects of wireless deployment in our homes, hot spots, antennae, cell towers throughout our neighborhoods, S.M.A.R.T. meters attached to our homes transmitting wireless reads to utility companies, along with wireless S.M.A.R.T. appliances, etc. These are all silent weapon systems of warfare targeting humanity. https://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com/2018/01/08/climate-change-u...

yes they are...been up forever ...the radiation has incresed so much ...if i dont find a way to get some lead in sheet form ,like lead flashing ,to wrap my head and heart somehow ,ill be dead in no time ...from sleep deprivation if not stroke/heartattack ...its ruthless..its present all day and night ,but the past week or 2 ,at roughly 3:20 am ,its like this machine literally comes on ,its straight up like a huge microwave oven with the door removed has been pressed up against the apartment from all sides .its just as bad if not worse to walk outside during that time ,it vibrates like a machine ,its so horrible ,i cant lay my head down anywhere ever without this vibration and spikes to head and heart ,i get the same spikes if i try to walk anywhere passing the insane amount of antenna they are continually adding ,i believe im up to 310 antenna/61 towers last i checked for the ones they HAVE  to list on antennasearch.com...i HAVE  to find some way to get lead sheets ..epa has banned them ,because you know never mond the lead in all water supplies via fluoride ,and in all forms of drink and food ,kids are somehow at risk for injesting lead foil used for roofing so we cant buy it in oregon anywhere ,not even online unless its from some radiation blocking site that wants more $ than i have available in a year if i didnt pay bills ...trees arent just dying here now ,theyre disintigrating ,turning to dust..a crow lands on a branch and the branch drops ...no way by now these politicians dont know theyre engaged in full out depopulation..with the help of doctors and dentists to escalate the process

it is microwave sickness ,microwave injury once it induces permanent reactivity to all electric fields in the form of EHS ....by the way ,heres the latest ive found from deborah tavares https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WQfXQWHRAw&feature=em-uploadem...

Thanks for the link Deanna, very chilling info from Deborah.


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