A message from Martin to all members of EMF and EMR Information and Support on The ConTrail!

On the emf and the oil search theory:
Here's a little research for those who don't know any of this:
See Nigel's early morning post today:

Now at 11:36am 20 Nov 2016 and I still feel earthquake aftershocks here in Kapiti.
It's like sitting on a stiff jelly that someone pushes every so often.
My head is definitely better today.

The emf is obvious in the WMWNZ video for anyone who has studied HAARP and the cloud patterns. Here is a HAARP primer:

Those are chemtrails @4:15 on video as well.

There was an oil marine vessel sitting off the lower west coast yesterday afternoon.
Here's the live Marine Traffic map:

One theory is they assessing much of the country for oil & natural gas.
What are your thoughts?

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