I am half joking, but not. I am just a normal, dumb guy who bought an RF meter and was curious and open minded. Sure, I studied a bit, spent some time in the field practicing with the meter, and asked lots of questions to experts. 

Not even knowing what I was going I shot videos and created a YouTube channel. I cannot tell you how many times the world "fuck" came out of my mouth trying to figure out YouTube and setting up the channel. 

Now I have over 1,300,000 views on YouTube! And today, of all websites, Mike Adams of Natural News, who has millions of dedicated viewers, created an entire article highlighting my video on the dangers of cordless phones. 


Is this email about ME, ME, ME? Absolutely not! It is about YOU, YOU, YOU. One dedicated and open minded person with an RF meter can really make a dent in reality! And each of you, no doubt, will also be helping others in reducing their suffering factor and helping them be more healthy from less exposure to microwave radiation!

Glad to have you on board, we are starting our momentum.   

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