Friends, I am not suggesting every word of the article below is the truth. However, it does appear to be an intelligent and reasonable article. Only the brave need click the link below to read. 

I believe there are trends unfolding on the planet right now, that would make even the most diehard conspiratorial researchers cringe or want to look away. 

The rollout of an entire 'weaponized' 5G wireless grid ('the internet of things'), while all of us innocent and ignorant humans are participating, addicted, and thinking this is just normal technological evolution? 

Hold on for the ride! The soulless ones have a very large and forward looking plan, and it is unfolding smoothly as most of us have our heads stuck in our twitter, instagram and facebook accounts. 

And I am going to say it one more time, or many more times...Be prepared to move. Be prepared to be making an exodus out of the cities and neighborhoods you love. The 5G antenna systems which will 'connect everything'...unless a miracle occurs, will be in very close proximity to our homes and businesses. Even if it just a tiny little consideration for you at this time, start giving a little attention to a plan B and alternative areas for living outside of populated areas.

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I used to have some piercings Janie and after speaking to Leuren Moret during the time we were being microwaved (during the Christchurch quakes when the US military were here), I removed them.  She warned me way back then to ditch any metal.

Result, I don't wear jewellery anymore.

It is a really good point you have made.

I found the interview here

OK folks - here is the interview with Barry Trower.  

Skip to 27 mins

This is his radio show link.  If this happens in future, go to their original site.

Youtube, facebook, twitter, istagram and so many more - GET OFF THOSE PLATFORMS.

5G Kill grid...


The 5G Beast System

thanks Jennifer, I reposted them here 


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