Friends, when I constantly warn people that the number one tool they need these days is a microwave meter, I wonder if anyone thinks I am being a bit fanatic or exaggerated in my perception of reality? I certainly would hope my friends, clients and customers know my warning is coming from experience. 

Here is a quick story from a friend, very important and relevant for all of us!

Well, once again I have a story for you about how essential it is to have an RF meter [microwave meter]! I upgraded my satellite internet today because I could get higher speed and more data for about half as much as I was paying before. But the downside was that the new upgrade included "built-in Wifi" for the new modem. When I ordered the upgrade by phone, I asked over and over about being able to turn off the wifi on the modem and was told that yes, there would be an IP address where I could do that, so I went ahead with it.

The tech guy comes today to install it, and I'm reading in the living room while he's doing that...and I start rubbing my head and feeling a cramp in my heart...hmmm, I WONDER if the wifi is transmitting? I check my RF meter...the new modem is blazing high on the meter (so my body is now getting as sensitive as yours as a biological RF meter). But the guy does have the IP address for how to turn off the WiFi radiation. So we go online and first off, there is a password needed which he doesn't have, so that takes about 15 minutes of phone calls to figure out the password. 

Then we go into the wireless settings and turn off what we were told to...and I check the meter and it's only about halfway down. Something is still transmitting! Unplug the modem, meter drops to nothing. So it IS still something with the modem. Turns out, there ended up being FIVE different wireless settings online that we needed to turn off to finally get the modem to stop transmitting! And if the power ever goes off and reboots, I of course will need to reset all of them again. So the trusty old RF meter sure came in handy today and will be used regularly to make sure my "built-in wifi" is not wifi-ing.  

I was finally able to get all the wireless radiation disabled and the meter no registering anything. So it is possible to entirely disable the built-in wifi. However, these modems are getting more sophisticated for hot spots, etc. The five tabs on the wireless administration page that I ended up having to turn off were for: 2.5 gigahertz, 2.5 gigahertz guest, 5 gigahertz, 5 gigahertz guest and then another setting I think for the hardware itself. Basically, it really required hunting around on the webpage for anything related to the wireless setting and unchecking any box that was checked! But it definitely required a meter and at least some intelligence.

This story is an excellent example of why I feel so protective toward my friends and spend so much time educating people. Because without an RF meter, and with the advancing wireless technology being peddled into our lives, we cannot protect ourselves and never know exactly what is going on in regards to wireless radiation exposure.

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If you need to show someone the truth about EMF (and esp cellphones) this is the document for your toolbox.

Thanks Rose..definitely one for me to get printed out on paper!

Thanks for checking it out Marian.  Will be printing it and leaving it in the guest toilets.


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