Friends, I warned you. It is happening. And I warn you again, it will continue. Everywhere I go I see that human beings have been "assimilated." They are gone, everyone's head stuck into their cell phone. It is digusting, ludicrous. 100% total assimilation into meaningless distraction and a false sense of "connection." Even the most conscious people are gone, done, cooked. If you are not sure what I am referring to, then sit in a public place and just watch.

I have warned all of you. Telling you that there will come a time when you will have to pack up and move locations. That you would start needing to find remote locations off the grid. Am I a whacked-out fanatic screaming that the sky is falling? I think not. The information I have given has been precision and spot on.

Here is a quote from Dr. Jack Kruse, I believe it was posted on his Facebook page. Dr. Kruse is somebody I respect as an expert on the present EMF issue and is outspoken about it. Notice his words at the end of the quote, "people better wake up fast about what is going on around them."

I am going to tell you once again, frogs will stay in a pot and boil to death as long as the water is heated slowly. Human beings will think they are safe and secure and not affected as their cities are heating up with higher and higher levels of microwave exposure.

I was in an REI store today, I was dizzy and wiped out after half an hour, and counted no less than about 6, possibly more, wireless routers on the ceiling inside the place. These are in all big box stores now so the employees can use their wireless devices for keeping count of product inventory, etc. This is only one form of exposure, not even mentioning all the huge cell towers in the area. 

The game is over folks. There is no turning back. The only thing left at this time is how you choose to participate or not. How much you think you need the city matrix for your jobs or kids or entertainment. 

Take this email and the Dr. Kruse communication below as yet another warning:

Dr. Jack Kruse
I can guarantee Austin TX will remain weird, but not for the right reasons. I fully expect the most bizarre mitochondrial diseases to begin to show up in and around the state of Texas. The federal government just let the cat out of the bag why Austin was chosen to be the first total 5G city. They plan to relocate the newest [military] training facility to that city that will train soldiers on new electromagnetic warfare. To do that you need the city 5G enabled. Now that the reason is out, anyone who stays within 75 miles of that city is quite ignorant. I have known for some time something was up down there but I did not know it was going to be an EMF weapon training site. This is not good news for the local people at all. SAT analogy time....Austin, Tx just announced itself as a "Freedom City" = sanctuary city. Did you know 5G has been tested in Austin for the last 4 years? It may be a correlation and not causation effect, but my belief right now is that 5G topology is fully able to modulate dopamine levels in this cities population to lead to this radical change in behavior in humans. It is a trend I am now following. I see the same trend now in California and New York. Here is data trends to prove my point: Travis County, TX, which is where Austin is located, had at least triple - or more - of the number flu deaths over ANY of the previous 12 years. The County actually removed its latest weekly updates. Originally they listed the stats through April 17th. Then they hid that info and listed March 27th as their latest report. Later they went a step further removing the death stats from their site.

I suspect they might be having additional flu deaths, whereas flu season normally ends May 15th, 2018.......that is how new this data is. People better wake up soon to what is going on around them.

SourcePoint Global Outreach
Neil Steven Cohen - Executive Director

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Shocking! I wonder what or if Alex Jones will do about this, as he is a resident of Austin.

He's to busy trying to fend off claims that he is Bill Hicks lol 


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