For My Friends in Facing Smart Meter Installation,

I am going to provide information and guidance to you regarding how to protect yourselves from the potential smart meter wireless radiation issue. I was inspired to write this to you after a number of personal concerns were sent to me from some people in Shasta asking about various products because of the intense smart meter issue going on right now in Mount Shasta CA.

I want to save you from additional stress, time spent on research and possibly spending unnecessary amounts of money on products that are not effective. I am going to speak precisely, authentically and from my heart.

I work online to make a living many hour per day. I handle emails and phone calls from highly concerned and disturbed people from all over the world regarding EMF issues every day. All this computer time is challenging for me. So typing out even more information like this is not an easy task.

I am not complaining, this is part of my service. However, I only ask this of you, read this information carefully. Assimilate it and take the actions you feel are necessary. This information is precise, professional and excellent guidance. And if you have the slightest thoughts arising about me trying to 'sell products' or 'profit' from this disgusting smart meter issue, then delete this email and go find your information and guidance elsewhere. I work only for those who understand that I come from the heart with this service.

Follow this guidance:

#1 - Do everything in your power to opt out and NOT have a smart meter installed onto your home. You already know this. However, this is the number 1 priority.

#2 - Regarding protecting yourselves with crystals, minerals, shungite, orgonite, bracelets, pendants, or other 'new age' emf 'protection' devices. They do not, will not, and cannot work for a situation as crucial as this and I will not answer any questions of this nature. You need professional, efficient, and scientifically valid remediation products for this situation.

#3 - The opt out program should work. However, if you cannot stop the installation of the smart meter on your home, or are exposed to smart meters on adjacent neighbours' homes, and you must remediate the situation to the best of your ability, then start off by purchasing a Smart Meter Guard such as this:   These are stainless steel mesh screens which WILL scientifically attenuate (dampen) the wireless radiation transmitting from the smart meter and cut it down by a huge percentage. They suggest it will also cut down on the amount of radiation coming out of the back of the meter into the house. However, I cannot verify this as I have not measured this personally. You can shop around for other products of this type, but the one suggested above is very good quality although expensive and I cannot vouch for the quality of other products. Please, do not send me questions asking if you can use tin foil or aluminium screen from the hardware store. If you own a microwave meter and can do your own testing, then experiment how you wish. If you do not own a microwave meter, then please follow my instructions and suggestions.

#4 - If you do not have a stupid smart meter on your home, but your neighbours do, and they are pointing through your home, then speak respectfully to your neighbours and see if they will allow you to purchase a smart meter guard to install on their meters, it will be worth your time and money!

#5 - If you must deal with the installation of a smart meter onto your home, and you also install a smart meter guard as suggested above, I would HIGHLY SUGGEST "shielding" the OPPOSITE SIDE of the smart meter as well, just to be sure less radiation is leaking/pulsing into your home. This material is expensive but professional. It has 99.9999% shielding capacity all the way up to 10 gigahertz! Which means very little radiation will make it through this material. And you can get a few friends together to make this purchase as it comes in a 125 foot roll so it will work for a number of homes: 

#6 - If a smart meter is on the outside wall of your office or bedroom, where you spend a lot of time, I suggest you move your office or bedroom to another location in your home, no matter how much of a hassle it may be. At the very least, apply the shielding foil I suggested above onto the inside wall in back of the smart meter, covering a fairly large area in back of the meter (maybe 3' x 3' or 4' x 4'), and move your bed to the furthest wall away from it.

#7 - If you happen to live in the worst situation possible, where there may be a "bank" of smart meters for the entire apartment building or condo complex, and this is on the outside of your unit, THEN MOVE! Do not hesitate, do not justify, rationalize or pray. Just move. End of story.

#8 - Yes, an installation of a smart meter onto your home can and will increase what is called dirty electricity (high frequency transients) on your home wiring. This is another major issue of having a smart meter installed. Along with the other forms of remediation I suggested above, you will also want to do a correct installation of Greenwave Microsurge Filters. This is not terribly expensive and these filters, installed in numerous AC outlets throughout your home will DRASTICALLY REDUCE THE LEVELS OF DIRTY ELECTRICITY. Most everyone I have installed these filters for has felt better after the installation, as the entire house "calms down." For those who care or are interested, Greenwave Filters suppress high frequency transients between 4 and 100 kilohertz and even a bit higher. These are harmonics or high frequency transients that pollute the 60 cycle per second sine wave of the electricity running through your home. Refer to Dr. Sam Milhams Book: Dirty Electricity and the Diseases of Modern Civilization. You purchase the Greenwave Filter based upon the size of your home and you will need a meter for a correct installation.   Do not attempt to purchase just 2 or 3 of these filters thinking you will put them just into your bedroom or office. This is not a correct installation and you will overload the filters. They need a correct full house installation.

#9 - This next suggestions is very expensive. It pains my heart to even have people spending money on remediation such as this to protect themselves from evil beings perpetrating toxic technology upon us. I cannot stand this entire issue. However, somehow I got myself involved in this EMF issue many years ago and have influenced people in a positive way globally. So I continue to do what I can and suggest the products that work. I still hate to see people have to spend money in this way. However, with this said, if you are living too close to any of the cell towers in Shasta or are dealing with exposure to smart meters, you MUST have 8 hours of undisturbed, regenerating sleep at night! This cannot be accomplished if you have wireless devices in your own home or are being exposed to smart meter or cellular tower microwave radiation. Thus consider a microwave shielding bed canopy. can find inexpensive shielding canopies  on other websites. However,  and listen carefully, many of them have metallic material on the "outside" of the material which is not healthy, or they need to be grounded. This is why I don't represent or provide those products. The product above is made from non-toxic cotton, with the silver and copper fibres "inside" the fabric. It is very high quality and does not need to be grounded. 

#10 - You can ask for all the guidance and opinions you want. You can make instinctual or psychic guesses all you want. But you will NEVER know the truth of your actual exposure levels in any situation without owning a radio frequency meter! An RF meter always tells the truth. I have been telling friends and clients around the world for years, you MUST own a radio frequency meter in these times of wireless proliferation. Do all the research you want regarding various meters. It is highly complex subject. However, I have already done the research for you and here are the two meters I suggest to everyone. If you have the money, purchase this one :!/Acoustimeter-AM-1...

If you want a less expensive alternative, but a meter just as sensitive but a bit more entry level and simple, then here is the second suggestion:!/Acousticom-2-Radi...

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Thanks for this. Was looking at blue shield for grounding the house - quite expensive though. Has anyone used one?


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