Today, Dr. Daniel Nuzum explains what immune-boosting foods your diet is missing! Discover the best superfoods for your immune system... (And why altering the types of superfoods in your diet is critical!) Uncover the dangers of having an extremely high or low pH balance. Next, we’ll learn what cruciferous vegetables are, and how these cancer-fighting foods protect you. Watch as Doc Nuzum discusses the body's detoxing process… (And how to unlock antioxidants in our food to help our bodies detox.) Learn what "S.A.D." is and how it exposes you to foods that are extremely high in alkaline metals. Doc Nuzum shares the importance of a cancer-fighting diet and introduces you to some of the healthiest vegetables growing on God's green earth. In the over-toxic, under-nourished world we’re living in today, your immune system is on HIGH ALERT 24 hours... 7 days a week. This puts your inflammation response into constant overdrive. And it can cause a wide range of serious issues. After you watch the video, click the link to discover Turmeric 3D, a natural supplement packed with nutrients to prevent inflammation and support immune health:

----- About Dr. Daniel Nuzum "Doc" -------

Dr. Daniel Nuzum NMD, DO, DN is a certified Doctor of Natural Medicine, medical acupuncturist and nutritional supplement formulator with a passion to help others find their “vitality for life.” He is also a licensed Tribal Practitioner, a counsel licensed Doctor of Natural Medicine and an osteopathic doctor. In 2002, he founded Nuzum’s Naturals located in Nampa, Idaho. The clinic served the entire Treasure Valley until Dr. Nuzum chose to focus on creating formulas and supplements that will have an impact on global health. His vast background is in many facets of natural medicine and deeply inspired by a passion for people and helping others. Dr. Nuzum frequently pursues opportunities to educate and has appeared in all The Truth About Cancer docu-series. He is also the lead formulator for Organixx supplements. Find more info about Doc Nuzum's supplements here:

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Kiwis, don't forget your prebiotics!  You have to feed the bacteria too.

I was really excited to find this  - organically grown and local, Northland, NZ. 

Prebiotic Juice & Antioxidant Transporter

Blackcurrant for Brain, Pineapple for Body and Yacon for Gut. 

"Feeding your GOOD bacteria & fighting the BAD ones."

Coming soon...


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