Friends, I have been pounding the table for years in these email updates, reminding everyone over and over about the power of MMS, Master Mineral Supplement. This is not 'MSM' (sulfur).

2 days ago, I got bit on my toe by a centipede when out on my deck. If any of you have ever had this experience, you know how painful these bites are and how they can last for a while, along with swelling. I immediately rubbed about 5 or 6 drops of MMS, not activated, just the MMS, onto the bite. In 20 minutes all pain was gone, no swelling, and I completely forgot about it. It works the same way with other insect bites or bee stings.

The stories and testimonials go on forever. I hope you will do yourself and your family a favor and watch this documentary

The Mind-Blowing Story of a Simple Cure for 97% of Disease

Neil Cohen

The Mind-Blowing Story of a Simple Cure for 97% of Disease?  You decide.

Always speak to your health professional first. 

Not medical advice.

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Interesting.  I was fully expecting this to be a Carbon 60 (C60) story, but its about Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS). The anti-bacterial I have used with great success is Oregano oil, 3 drops in a shot of water.  I am a little impatient with this video to get around and tell what MMS is.

Thanks for the comment Ken, oregano oil - food grade (supermarket?) or essential oil grade?

I acquired a small 8ml vial of it at a vitamin shoppe.  I assume food grade.  It is especially good for respiratory illness.

If I could get carbon 60...

Carbon 60 Olive Oil 67mg / 100ml 99.95% C60oo Lipofullerene - By $17.99 + shipping fees. Puchaseable on Amazon here:

It ships very slow, expect a full month or more to get your order. I love this stuff.

Carbon 60 is like liquid youth.  It is truly amazing stuff.  I have only used one bottle of it so far, waiting for a 3 bottle reorder.  It is like your veins are colonizing your body, they get bigger.  You crave fats and fruits.  You build muscle mass very easily.  Along with clean replication in cell division, aka anti-aging.  It removes radiation from your system and bones (bones take 7 years) and shields you from EMF radiation damage. Cure arthritis and dementia Alzheimer.

I have been using a one gallon electric water distiller for years to clean my Iowa roundup river sourced tap water.  I am now remineraliing my distilled water with shungite rocks, which is a form of carbon that has never been used in any other biological process.  This produces very hardy cells and aids in free radical removal.  Shungite was also mentioned by Cliff High along with C60.  I have regular shungite and noble shungite in my fridge water storage tote.

Telomere science - yeah I heard Clifs his comments on it and then couldn't purchase any - and NZs food and health bill will probably put an end to us getting anything through (1 Dec is the end date for health products usefulness in NZ - regulations are being forced on us.

Ken, where do you purchase Carbon 60? 

I've been on this for years. It works. Left Medical Mafia years ago. As for C60, interesting, but how many people can afford the real stuff. If you don't make it yourself, you don't know what's in it. Just my 2 cents folks.

Nice to get real reviews - thanks renate


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