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There is a lot of discussion these days on 'Climate Change' that used to be called Global Warming. 

I am lead to believe that a number of really freezing instances in numerous countries made the term look silly when people were saying 'We have had the coldest winter in living memory' 

So we now have Climate Change which if you look at all the known climate history back to the beginning of Earth time there certainly been a continuation of climate change going to all esteems from ice ages to global heat waves. 

There is obvious reasons for the changes which civilizations past, had to grin and bear or enjoy. As people had no obvious control over weather patterns other than 'Rain Dances' it was what we called natural cycles. 

Unfortunately it appears that we now have a greater ability to manipulate weather patterns and we have a political agenda on Climate Change focused on CO2 emissions from burning of fossil fuels and ploughing land. 

I also note that some people get very hot under the collar when any alternative view other than their own arises about Climate Change. 

I am not trying to create an argument with those staunch believers in what their interpretation of Climate Change is. But as normally happens after suggesting something that is a bit controversial I get the Unsubscribes and comments about how I know my gardening stuff but should leave other matters in the hands of the know-alls. 

I received an article today from 'The Health Ranger' which I have also spoken about in regards to our gardens and plants in past articles and it is nice to see that someone else can see the dangers of what is happening. 

I will share some extracts of the article with you and hopefully you can see also that maybe the suggested course of action (that appears to be already used) could speed up the end of plants and as a result the end of us. 

You likely will find this either unbelievable or far fetched but I have observed this happening progressively in NZ for several years and its obvious in the way plants are performing (or not performing) compared to how they used to be. 

The web site for article is 

It reads: We were all taught how photosynthesis works in high school… or at least you should have been taught how it works. Photosynthesis is arguably the single most important metabolic process on the planet, and it is from this process that nearly all complex life is sustained. 

Photosynthesis is a process by which plants produce metabolic energy. Using this energy combined with 

elemental materials pulled from air and soil, they build tree trunks, food crops, leaves, pollen, seeds, 

stems and everything you've come to associate with living plants. Even alga use photosynthesis to 

grow and divide, which is why microalgae such as spirulina require sunlight to flourish. 

Photosynthesis is the foundation of most food webs on the planet. Any rational scientist would agree 

that if photosynthesis were halted, nearly all recognizable life on planet Earth would be

. This is inarguable. 

Photosynthesis has three inputs: 

1) Sunlight – a source of light energy 

2) Carbon dioxide – an essential source of carbon, used by plants to build almost everything that plants need 

3) Water – used by plants to maintain structure, circulate metabolic nutrients, etc. 

Why do these three inputs matter so much? Because environmentalists have declared WAR on two out of those three: Sunlight and carbon dioxide. 

It seems impossible, but environmentalists are at war with two out of the three primary inputs required to sustain photosynthesis. First, they’re at war with carbon, and you often hear them talk about the “war on carbon” or “carbon sequestration” ­ a way to bury carbon in the ground so that it’s removed from atmospheric air. 

Their goal is the complete elimination of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere ­ an outcome that would exterminate all recognizable life on Earth. All in the name of being “green,” of course, since virtue signaling is more important than actually supporting living organisms these days. 

Environmentalists seem to be utterly oblivious to the fact that all humans, plants, animals and insects are carbon-based life forms. That’s because nearly every molecule in your body contains carbon. You are made of carbon. Vitamin C is made of carbon. The anti-cancer nutrients in broccoli are made of carbon. 

Burning fossil fuels, by the way, means combustion of hydrocarbons to release energy. One of the byproducts of burning fossil fuels is the release of CO2 into the atmosphere, providing fresh CO2 that plants are starving to harvest from the air. 

CO2 levels in the atmosphere right now are at near-emergency low levels of barely above 400 ppm. 

Forests, food crops and indigenous plants across the globe would flourish at double or triple the current level of CO2. If we had, for example, 1200 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere, the Earth would be greener and more lush

Waging war on carbon isn't the end of the lunacy of whacko environmentalists. They also think there’s 

something wrong with sunlight, another key input for photosynthesis. They've launched a program of 

“global dimming” that seeks to literally pollute the atmosphere by dispersing millions of tons of smog 

(sulfur dioxide) into the atmosphere, running 4,000 flights a year over the next 15 years, all in the name 

of “geoengineering” the atmosphere. (These are the same lunatics who said “chemtrails” were a 

conspiracy theory; now they've re-named it “Stratospheric Aerosol Injection” and claim it will save the 


In essence, they are terraforming the Earth and making it uninhabitable by humans. Are they completely insane, or are they prepping the planet for colonization by something that isn’t human? End 

An article I wrote a while back explained how sunlight was being reduced by overcast days and hazy days. (I used the term hazy as Chem Trails was a dirty phase but now acceptable as “Stratospheric Aerosol Injection” 

Lack of direct sunlight adversely effects plant's ability to grow and function, low levels of CO2 also hampers plant's growth. (We release CO2 into glasshouses to give plants a growth boost) 

UV rays not only pass through clouds to heat up the earth surface but with hazy skies the UV is intensified making for hotter temperatures while starving plants of the sun light they need. 

Then heat is trapped under the cloud cover's insulating properties. 

We used to talk about the possibility of a Nuclear Winter which would have been a cloud of radioactive debris blanketing the planet, blocking sunlight and killing all life forms as a result of no direct sunlight. 

Currently there apparently people that want to do this with 4000 air flights a year spewing tons of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere (That should be great for people with breathing problems) 

I suppose the sulphur dioxide will be a change from the aluminium and other things they have been using previously. 

Is it not strange, to say the least, that two most important aspects that affect life on the planet, carbon and sunlight should be the focus of the intention to 'save' the world from extinction of Climate Change? 

Another stupidity is that they use 1080 to protect our native birds and it actually kills what it is supposed to protect? 

Now I can do what I am often told. 'put on my tin foil hat and go back to gardening' 

A fellow gardener sent me this today after writing the article above. 

Isnt life Strange?

I remember years ago in a paper called The Sunday Sports News was a favorite column of mine entitled, 'The Truth is Stranger than Fiction' 

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