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I use an electric one gallon water distiller to remove everything from my tap water for consumption.  I use a digital auto shut off plug to turn my distiller off to leave a half inch of water to dump out, this allows for easy cleaning and prevents scorching of residue for a cleaner distill.  I pour my distilled water in a 2 gallon fridge water dispenser with spigot.  I remineralize my distilled water with shungite rocks inside the water dispenser.

I live in central Iowa and my tap water is sourced from two rivers, whichever one is less polluted at the day.  I live in the heart of Monsanto country.

I'm with you on the water Ken - we collect rain water here so contamination is a no brainier.  We use infra-red to clean our tank waters but then distil all our drinking water. Result?  No fluorosis in the teeth any longer, clear skin, clear head and no more tummy bugs.  
My 15 year old dog used to have a blue film over her eyes - this has gone and she is like a puppy now that she is switched to a ketogenic diet. 

People - water first... clean up the act ♥


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