Rudolf Steiner on What We Do Now with Thomas Meyer from The Solari Report on Vimeo.

Last Monday I (Catherine Austin Fitts) left Lake Constance and took the train to Basel to spend the day with the ever fascinating, ever inspiring Thomas H. Meyer, founder of Perseus Publishing and publisher of The Present Age. I am a faithful subscriber.

Thomas and I sat in his sun filled office surrounded by books and art and discussed Rudolf Steiner’s advice for our present age. Steiner says that now is the time when we must understand and confront evil. But how? What can one person do? These are some of the most important questions that you and I are grappling with today as violence and hubris grow.

Special thanks to Thomas for a day of such rich insight: over lunch, in his office, overlooking Basel from the terrace of his beautiful home and then as he escorted me to the train station where I made a new discovery about Basel, BIS & Bitcoin.

Listen to the full interview at Solari Report -

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That was beautiful Janie.

Best advice I got from a spiritual teacher is to go to the safety of your human warmth and compassion of your heart. Which in this current world is not as easy as it sounds, an act of warriorship...requires one draws "a line in the sand".

Safety tip 101..anyone behaves like this around you beat a rapid retreat. Get too close and you will get sick. Its subtle but slow it down and look closely. When you get the hang of it in real life it helps a lot.

praying for the tipping point to come closer


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