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Just when you thought you knew ... great clip, a must hear for those supporting their systems with pharma or 'natural' supplements. 

This was difficult to listen to...due to the big words and discussion of research results.  The best phrase is "That if your great grandparents wouldn't recognize something as "food"....don't eat it!"  Also, the idea that taking in bio available minerals isn't going to help  if you're consuming glyphosate....which is a radical mineral chelator.  That is how glyphosate kills grabs all the minerals before the plant can use them and they die very quickly.

The gentleman also states several times that all disease is a result of metabolic dysfunction due to lack of minerals.  This rings very true with me.

Thanks for posting....enjoyed it and much to think about.

Thanks Plowboy, your comment reminds me to mention a must-read book that my HTMA ( Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis ) consultant highly recommended: " The Calcium Lie 2-what your doctor still doesn't know " by Robert Thompson M.D and Kathleen Barnes. It's time I re-read it as it contains some excellent information relevant to us all!

Medical Journal calls magnesium deficiency a public health crisis that is driving many diseases ranging from heart disease to osteoporosis even diabetes. How does that happen? It’s call the nutritional triage theory. If you are low on magnesium — or any essential nutriment — the body uses what it has for essential functions such as staying alive (id est breathing, pumping blood, maintaining body temperature et cetera.) Next in line is keeping reproduction status ready. Daily repairs for long-term survival get put off.  Eat the Weeds, about halfway down the page:


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