Got to love the people that use their creativity to speak.  Got to love those that show you the power of one.  Mear One - The Michelangelo of graffiti. 


Mear One: I had a lot of questions after 9/11 that I used my art to address. My views weren't necessarily shared by many of my peers; more than being underground, they were considered disinformation and somewhat cast me as a pariah in a culture I helped build. Then the economy crashed in 2008. All my growing fears and frustrations with the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, the ever-expanding coffers of the 1% bankster elite profiting from the military industrial complex at the expense and e...

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Exclusive to Street artist Mear One responds to 'anti-Semitic' painting hysteria

Mear One Youtube channel

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Tu Meke! Outstanding Artwork.


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