Shredder And The Mangrove Folk

by Dianne Connolly

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About the Book

Shredder gets a kayak for his birthday and while paddling it up a nearby river runs into a mishap which leads to him meeting the Mangrove Folk.

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Shredder is my favourtie character in rainbow cats line of fully illustrated books♥  You won't be disappointed with your purchase!

Good on ya Rose!  This latest story came to me a month or so ago while walking back home along the side river track below home and just before veering up the hill, thought I'd mosey on down the bank and have a real good squiz at some old old mangroves while the tide was right in, I was actually looking to see if there'd be a suitable ledge to fish from...anyway it was like being transported into another world and a story (involving Shredder who I hadn't given much thought to of late) just leapt into my head so when I got home I started scribbling it down in an old exercise book..threw together the pictures afterwards...ya know the rest.

Love her work.

Folk sometimes ask where I get my ideas from.  I go walkabout and if I can be bothered taking my camera I take photos but if not, then my imagination runs away on me and I start seeing a story unfold inside my head, so I write a book then illustrate it..that simple

Love your book RC - and your imagination. You remind me of myself, an imagination that runs away a lot of the time, and an eye for detail and colour. LOVE your art work too!!

My novel for 8-12yr olds is almost ready to print too. I have an ISBN number and just got the news that I am registered in the National Library of Australia. Can only afford to print a small amount up front, and will just see how I go.

I did try three publishers last year with no result as I am an unknown and my book was not professionally edited. At a Xmas party last year I met an editor and her book designer partner. Long story short, she got the job, which hugely improved my book. I never realised how amazing editors are - they pick up anything - lack of continuity  etc. along with repetition, grammar etc.

Then it was all on. My drawings were only half done as my op last year interrupted everything. I had to quickly finish (30 in all) black and white pen drawings, while my book designer put the whole thing together. I was able to work with him and tell him where to put stuff on what page etc. which I enjoyed.

All very exciting, but I really don't know what I am doing - groping in the dark as I go and hoping I don't get ripped off. I have written the second book in a series last year, but have yet to work on it and hopefully get it out next year. I have made a fb page to promote it, which I have not activated properly yet - just waiting for them to be printed. Here is the link.

My magpie logo was designed by my book designer from a photo I took of a magpie about 7yrs ago here in OZ on a visit. I converted it to black and white and loved the image, so it has been in my files all along.

I look forward to meeting you when back in NZ, probably next year some time.

Keep up the good work RC 

thanks Fiona, I'll check out ur FB page later. I'm unknown everywhere too but it doesn't stop me doing what I do.

Yeah who cares. As I used to say to my kids - which they hated, "JDI" - which meant 'just do it!' 

Nothing ventured nothing gained ehy.

You should seriously have an art exhibition and sell your books on the side RC.

Are your pictures paint or pastel - it looks like pastel online. 

the books are illustrated with pastel plus I paint a lot in oils mostly and sometimes acrylics. I definitely need to have an art expo too like you say Fiona.

Do you see what I see?



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