this morning in his favourite banksia tree below my house.

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Gorgeous capture! 

It can be so hard to capture the colours of the Tui ♥  Framed beautiful with the healthy looking banksia tree.

Thanks for the doom break ♥

I love tuis. Amazing birds with an incredible vocal range. We are surrounded by them but never get tired of listening to them sing. Thanks for the lovely pics RC.

Thanks, as any photographer will tell ya, over cast, raining misty skies can give you more jewel like saturated hues than sunshine with lots of light/dark contrast.


Today was blackbirds and thrush picking worms.

I love you photos Rainbow Cat. They put me in a better place. 

Two underrated birds.

Love,love,love Thrush and their song. A much different variety than here but still similar tune. They fly thru our lanai early morning and surround the yard in the evening as they talk to each other and give chorus to the end of the day. My favorite times are spent calling to them and they answer,Church time for me,for sure! Thank You for this,good medicine.

Wonderful and very soothing dem Birdies, often times I wake up early and catch the dawn chorus which I think is it there just to wake us up and make us feel a tad more connected to Life

OMG! Tui’s are Magnificent, so Beautiful in such a beautiful tree ! More pictures,Please! How fortunate you are to have such rare beauties visiting you. Thank You for sharing.

Ur welcome all. Today I heard shining cuckoo whistling away in the trees round side of the hill but was unable to sight him or her.


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