Dedicated to World's No. #1 Anti-Vxxer, Counsel Kent Heckenlively

There's Dumb, Dumber, and Then There's Pro-Vaxxers

Get the Anti-Vaxxers Handbook:
All the Facts You Need to Stop the Pro-Vaxxers

As our gift when you demand the Vaccine Moratorium.

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Do It Now! Don't be Dumb! 

Every one of the vax-pushers trots out the same stupid lies. EVERY TIME! You need good solid science and a strong stomach to deal with these people before they start jabbing you and your children!

Every vaccine in the USA is illegal. Not one has been proven either safe, or effective, let alone both, as required by US law. Every one is "unavoidably unsafe" as our courts have said. The solutions?

A Five Year Childhood Vaccine Moratorium and a slew of power-FAQs. That's why Dr. Rima wrote the Anti-Vaxxer Handbook for you.

Click here,, to take action and download Dr Rima's powerful new complementary eBook as our thank you for taking action to protect our children.

The slaughter stops here: - use this link to send your personal message to the FDA and to the White House!

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Thank You for this ! I've signed and will sign any and more petitions on this subject!


I've signed too - and printed out the handbook.

Thank you all ♥


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