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  • Oz Towers
    Use the search button then enter the suburb or area code. There are various options that allow you to choose particular bandwidths or telco so have a play. The site interfaces with google maps and shows tags for the different towers. You can click on the tags for more info. Other information on the site about the different telco and the types of antenna.






Canadian Cellular Towers Map


 United States Cell Towers with Google Earth


You can either double click on this link to open the KMZ file in Google Earth or download the KMZ file to your computer by right-clicking (2.5MB). Please feel free to post the KMZ on your website or distribute it in any manner that you like.






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EMF Dangers

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Comment by Vinyl Lady on March 3, 2012 at 13:35

I found genuine raw milk at the health food store.....and got some.

Came home and put some down for the cats to taste.

They don't touch "normal" milk.

They aren't even intrested in organic, non-homogenized (but pasturized) milk.

They both went for the raw milk.

Full of life.


Comment by rose on February 24, 2012 at 6:28

Jim - you are awesome

Comment by Vinyl Lady on February 23, 2012 at 18:50

It's simply beyond belief that the earth has been assaulted in such a manner....

so we can have better phone reception???????

The way I feel I just can't take the lies anymore.

My ELF detecto-unit arrived today.  Life has been so busy I haven't had time to

fire it up.

My friend had me over to watch an "inspriational speaker" CD....and there was something odd about it.

He was a photographer from Natl Geo Mag....and while I was listening and watching it felt as if there

was some kind of net around my brain....getting tighter and tighter.  It was odd.   The audience was a bunch

of AmeriTrade employees.  He kept saying really meaningless stuff that sounded valid...

but when you analyzed what he didn't mean anything.

I think it was an entrainment video telling people in the audience that everything is ok....

if they aren't where they want to's all their fault...

and do a better job with inspiration....find the beauty that's everywhere....

and....oh yeah...

perfect your   "Be better slaves because you want to ....not because you have to."


Uh huh.


It kinda gave me a headache.....and irritated me.  But the pictures were nice.

I've been very uncomfortable sitting there before and will take my meter over to see

if it's a bad spot for the death rays.....LOL.


Off to play.

Message to subconscious mind:  Figure out what the Law of Inverse Square is about and generate

the best frequencies you can to neutralize this stuff......PLEASE.


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