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Water Wars: Christchurch Takes a Stand!

Started this discussion. Last reply by Mark Fahey yesterday. 5 Replies

From the Too Good To Be True Department:by Martin Harris 11/10/18After the strong opposition to the chlorination of Christchurch’s water supply (Fluoride free and formerly among the world’s purest…Continue

Will New Zealand Fall Into China’s Debt Trap? “One Road To Rule Them All….”

Started this discussion. Last reply by cats pajamas on Thursday. 19 Replies

We signed up for the One Belt One Road Initiative; Here’s our One Road…Continue

Tags: Road, NWO, Belt, One, Zealand

Scathing Report Accuses the Pentagon of Developing an Agricultural Bioweapon

Started this discussion. Last reply by George W. Reichel on Wednesday. 4 Replies

A new technology in which insects are used to genetically modify crops could be converted into a dangerous, and possibly illegal, bioweapon, alleges a Science Policy Forum report released today.…Continue


Humans were Hunting the Largest Bird in the World on Madagascar 10,500 Years Ago

Started this discussion. Last reply by Martin Harris Oct 2. 4 Replies

Here in New Zealand we are familiar with the recent extinction, via overhunting, of the flightless bird known as Moa, some varieties of which grew to colossal size. However, evidence points to a…Continue

Tags: madagascar


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Martin Harris replied to George W. Reichel's discussion "Wars not make one great" -Yoda
"Reminds me of when I was at school in England and I was asked to write a speech on what makes Britain Great.  I returned a blank piece of paper. The teacher asked why. I replied that Britain had a history of conquest and war and used to have a…"
2 hours ago
Martin Harris replied to George W. Reichel's discussion The PURGE
"After consulting with my publisher at Uncensored, we've agreed to avoid any controversial political posts until a clearer picture emerges of the situation. There are plenty of other controversial topics we can focus on in the meantime.…"
16 hours ago
Mark Fahey replied to Martin Harris's discussion Water Wars: Christchurch Takes a Stand!
"Garry Moore deserves a medal and our moral support. I never really rated him much when he was mayor, but he is showing true courage now. Prime Water - should be compulsory knowledge for all human beings. As should Prime Oil. Both show the lies and…"
rose replied to Martin Harris's discussion Water Wars: Christchurch Takes a Stand!
"Thank you VL."
Rainbow Cat favorited Martin Harris's discussion Water Wars: Christchurch Takes a Stand!
Vinyl Lady replied to Martin Harris's discussion Water Wars: Christchurch Takes a Stand!
"Some good news here! When engaging in the fight against fracking, we engage in Their fight. They fund both sides and as They write the They have all the They have all the weapons and military might.....we cannot win.…"
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X Files - You can't make this stuff up

"Should be renamed The Fox Channel Disinformation Files: "Let's tell the truth, but throw in the usual Alien/Roswell distraction". Interesting that they've finally cottoned on to Blue Beam though. Best part: "You can't…"
Martin Harris favorited George W. Reichel's discussion Our Jihadist Ally
Martin Harris replied to George W. Reichel's discussion Our Jihadist Ally
"Jamal Khashoggi is all they're talking about on Aljazeera right now. Western MSN barely gives a mention."
Martin Harris replied to rose's discussion Queensland storm: Tornadoes and huge hailstones wreak damage
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Martin Harris commented on Saru G's blog post "Constantly" - New release from Saru G
"Nice. Love the female vocals coming at around 2:10. Looking forward to the album!"
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Martin Harris replied to rose's discussion ''We are basically exporting monkey malaria parasites around the world, from Dunedin." ...funded by Bill and Melinda

Profile Information

I am a father of 3 very cheeky youngsters, 2 boys and a girl, (Luke, Jessica, and Caleb) with my life-parter, Nicky.

We live in one of the most quake-affected areas of Christchurch, hence my obsession with HAARP, Anadarko etc.

My other interests include theology, cryptozoology, UFO, alternative archeology...and building hot rods and chopper bicycles! I am also a naturally gifted artist.

I encourage people to question everything they see and hear, and try to be objective and open minded. Always seek the truth.

I celebrate cultural and religious diversity, and individuality. I oppose bigotry and extremist fundamentalism.

 I try to respect the beliefs and ideas of others, even if I disagree with them.

I strive to accept criticism constructively, and try to learn something new every day.

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Gateway Overpass At Harewood (Illuminati symbolism)

Posted on August 26, 2018 at 20:00 15 Comments

Not really a blog, but consider it an intro of sorts to a larger item following.

Rose asked for some elaboration on this recently installed overpass sculptural structure at the Christchurch Airport, Harewood: The gateway To Antarctica. Since I drive through this symbolism-loaded monstrosity on a daily basis, I took some snaps of the hidden inverse-"V" underneath creating a Masonic square and compass and an "as above so below" motif.

At night the colours shift…


The Black Hand: From lang to Lucas

Posted on June 3, 2018 at 20:19 9 Comments

Certain Science Fiction movies transmit vital messages and warnings across the decades. Take the case of these cinema classics.

by Martin Harris

When George Lucas unveiled the classic blockbuster movie Star Wars to an awed world in the mid 1970s, he made it clear that his science fiction story, and the subsequent sequels and back-story prequels, were intended to transmit a variety of messages and ideas, some religious, others…


"You Don't Own Me": EVs, Internal Combustion and Freedom!

Posted on April 23, 2018 at 21:23 3 Comments

Are Electric Vehicles really the perfect combination of freedom and environmental conscience on four wheels?

by Martin Harris

Several times now, I have mentioned in blogs the subject of the future of personal transportation and the erosion of personal freedom and mobility, mostly in the context of Light Rail and other public transportation systems, making a connection not just with tracking and surveillance, but also with Social Credit.…


Fuel Tax, Airbag Recalls and the 2030 Agenda

Posted on April 7, 2018 at 20:46 0 Comments

By Martin Harris

“Everything is proceeding as foreseen…”

“Transport has concluded that light rail offers the best benefit to cost ratio, compared to heavy rail and bus rapid transport, to improve transport in the suburbs of the isthmus. Its business case found that…


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At 10:48 on August 20, 2018, Carl Valentine said…

Thanks again Martin.

At 21:08 on August 4, 2018, tj antipas said…
ka pai
At 21:20 on January 30, 2018, Explorer said…

Thanks Martin :)

At 3:56 on January 18, 2018, George W. Reichel said…
At 3:56 on January 18, 2018, George W. Reichel said…
At 4:31 on January 11, 2018, George W. Reichel said…
At 1:50 on November 30, 2017, Bill Schuh said…

Thanks Martin. Glad to be learning more.

At 16:39 on October 17, 2017, Joanne said…

Hi, thanks, I haven't much to say, but we saw what looked like chemtrails over the Waikato in a few places this weeken and have complained to Environment Waikato, as if that will do anything, Joanne

At 8:39 on September 29, 2017, rose said…
At 22:29 on April 23, 2017, Vikki-Lee Pomare said…

I am so thankful for this site... It amazes me how many people are oblivious to this occurring, but then of course like me I had to see it to believe it and now that I have I've been working up the courage to notify those in Hector and Granity NZ the truth about why their lands are being eaten alive by so called "climate change"... I found images in 2008 that prove my suspicions that Chem Trails have happened there and this is the reason for the erosion not because of natural causes... I also found that mining for coal is in Stockton located on the mountains behind them. I've heard stories about GOLD still yet to be found there. I had to research. It's quite funny how NZ is not even mentioned in the rankings but apparently we have the most in the world and that  Gold is commonly found within rock and granite in the earth... GRANITY has it's name because it's the place of Granite. Not forgetting to mention that Earthquakes turn water into GOLD... It didn't take me long to figure out what is truly going on there especially with the recent news about The Alpine Fault line and how it will cause catastrophe... I believe it will be sooner than they predict... People are now finding GOLD dusted Whale bones after that earthquake that occurred in Kaikoura. I realised that earthquake occurred during a SUPER FULL MOON PERIGEE (The closest the moon has ever been). I suspect The Alpine Fault line catastrophe will be in May, when the Moon will be closest to Earth this year... But who knows I could be wrong. 


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