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exposing the lies commented on rose's video

Pearl Harbor Truth Dec 7th 1941

"On this day Dec 7th, 1941 America was attacked, but was it really a surprise? FDR provoked the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=28&v=-dOrp1_mXa4 ~~~ The McCollum Memo: The Smoking Gun of Pearl…"
Dec 9
exposing the lies replied to Saru G's discussion George Bush Snr. Dies aged 94
"George H.W. Bush’s Complicity in the 1991 “Highway of Death” Massacre. https://www.globalresearch.ca/george-h-w-bushs-complicity-in-the-1991-highway-of-death-massacre/5661837 "When George H.W. Bush was president he ordered the…"
Dec 8
exposing the lies replied to George W. Reichel's discussion Zionist-annotated Bible and Quran
"They will have to undue their past, present and future attrocities toward all humankind: Bolshevism, the Holomodor, the massive suppression of truth and investigation regarding the greatly exagerated Holocaust, the USS Liberty, the Kennedy…"
Dec 4
exposing the lies replied to Saru G's discussion George Bush Snr. Dies aged 94
"Who will be the next globalist scumbag to die: Kissinger, Soros, Ginsburg, Cheney… one by one the devil takes them home. Summary Of The Bush Crime Family* History http://www.sonic.net/~taryfast/destruction.html"
Dec 2
exposing the lies commented on Doreen Agostino's blog post From the Archives. OUTED From The Conspiracy Bin: C H E M T R A I L S
"Chemtrails – Nano Aluminum Creates Chronic Parasite Infections in Populations https://www.frequencyfoundation.com/2018/11/23/nano-aluminum-creates-chronic-parasite-infections-in-population/ "The bodies of Americans are saturated with very…"
Nov 30
exposing the lies replied to rose's discussion We need your help ~ 5G in NZ
"Signed and sent to all my groups. They sent out our 5G modems a few weeks ago."
Nov 20
exposing the lies replied to Robin D P Watson's discussion Please consider
Sep 9
exposing the lies replied to Robin D P Watson's discussion Please consider
"The truth is their greatest enemy. We have seen how they deal with the truth. Let's use the holocaust for example: If you were a lawyer seeking to defend someone against say "holocaust denial" (yes, that is actually a crime in some…"
Sep 9
exposing the lies replied to renate's discussion Leuren Moret: $289 million Monsanto Roundup verdict benefits entire planet. 5000+ Lawsuits against Bayer-Monsanto
"I often see certain people trying to throw the blame on the Jesuits, but as usual, Monsanto was Jewish. Q. Research whom are the Monsantos? A. Monsanto was founded in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1901, by John Francis Queeny and…"
Aug 16
exposing the lies commented on rose's video
Jul 8
exposing the lies commented on rose's video

Iran Accuses Israel of Cloud Theft: Weather Warfare and the CIA Cuban Rain Embargo

"What amazes me are the comments: most are incredulous that weather can be controlled, or that Israel would do something evil. Some people are completely out of touch with reality."
Jul 5
exposing the lies replied to rose's discussion Australia to Netanyahu: We Ain’t Moving, Mate
"US expected to withdraw from UN human rights council http://www.orrazz.com/2018/06/us-expected-to-withdraw-from-un-human.html "U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley has clashed with the council over its treatment of Israel and has repeatedly…"
Jun 19
exposing the lies replied to rose's discussion MICROSOFT JUST PUT A DATA CENTER ON THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN
"We know what sonar does to whales; what you wanna bet microwaves, or whatever electro magnetic frequency this gives off, are not good for them either?"
Jun 8
exposing the lies commented on George W. Reichel's video

David Irving - Churchill's War (complete)

""I didn't, and do not even today for understandable reasons, wish to reveal from October 1928, the two largest regular contributors to the Nazi Party were the general managers of two of the largest Berlin banks, both of Jewish faith and…"
May 26
exposing the lies replied to rose's discussion Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Still Gagged As Death Penalty Appeal Grinds On
"I read they sliced his vocal chords. Boston bomber may never speak again, Israeli doctor says https://theuglytruth.wordpress.com/2013/04/22/boston-bomber-may-never-speak-again-israeli-doctor-says/ "Hospital director Kevin Illan Tabb, an Israeli…"
Apr 28
exposing the lies replied to rose's discussion Russia Has "Irrefutable Evidence" UK Staged Syrian Chemical Attack
"Sky News cut off the former commander of British Armed Forces Jonathan Shaw over Syria https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpdT79rm1ts ~~~ First Western Journalist In Syrian Hospital Which Treated “Chemical Weapons” Victims Explains What…"
Apr 18

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The neocons are back

The neocons are back and quietly infiltrating the Trump administration.

Go to the 6:15 mark and listen to what is said of Judge Neil Gorsuch

(Alex Jones seeks to direct his guest toward another subject)

Steve Pieczenik: Neocons Want To Destroy America/Gorsuch Is Dangerous And Can't Be Trusted




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A warm welcome to you db

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