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Veritas Show & Sanitas Show shows with Mel Fabregas

Hi folks, sharing the last month of the shows from Veritas (UFO Paranormal) and Sanitas (Health). These are the links for part one of each radio show. 
Part Two available at …

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Bundy Ranch pending drone strike - is this for real?

Got this from the ever reliable Facebook.... Hope it's untrue

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Worried about Ebola and Vit C treatment? From the Archives; Vitamin C Saves Kiwi Man Dying of Viral Pneumonia and Hairy Cell leukemia By Dr. Jeffrey Dach, MD

Worried about Ebola?  Just been speaking to the Sulfur guy in NZ hes going to order us ascorbic acid so we can start making Liposomal Vit C - Many have posted recipes here on how to make it. Au Tikos was the most recent one here http://thecontrail.com/forum/topics/how-to-make-liposomal-encapsulated-vitamin-c-at-home and joys blog here …


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Ebola varieties


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Prometheus Part Seven: Have YOU got what it takes?


In recent years, the NZ Army has fun a recruitment campaign. A series of ads depicting various scenarios, at the end of which you are invited to evaluate the situation, by prioritising or using your memory recall and powers of judgement. If you get it right, then you,ve "Got what it takes" and should sign up for service pronto.... hmmm.

The idea, of course, is to make one feel "special".

I suggest one should view the movies analized in this blog similarly. An…


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Unlucky mouse, not quick enough

I have been enduring a mouse plague over the last four months, had the mouse traps out to catch the critters but last night this unlucky mouse copped it in an unusual way.

Seems he/she decided to be real quick about taking a short cut tripped the trap, got the mouse the other way around. …


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Dump On Fire

Looks like our town dump is on fire again, not too bad this time but have seen it a whole lot worse than this, 

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50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind

50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind

Jose | The Arcane Front

These questions have no right or wrong answers.  Sometimes asking the right question IS the answer…

  1. How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?
  2. Which is worse, failing or never trying?
  3. If life is so short, why do we do so many things we don’t like and…

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Easter cracks


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Solomon Is Quake Mystery

Well fellow Contrailers, here is a mystery for you to help solve! First go to this link: http://www.iris.edu/seismon/eventlist/index.phtml?region=Australia_NZ&lon=155.03&lat=-7.19

And scroll down to the 7.6 mag quake and notice how many Kms it is away from a preselected position: 911!

Then reorder into date and time column and scroll down to the quake that is o Kms… Continue

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Cyclone ITA

Thought I should put up something about Cyclone ITA as it makes its way down the coast of Australia.

Thank you BOM weather radar http://www.bom.gov.au/products/IDR731.loop.shtml#skip…


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Observations on Disinfo

Hey maties, here's my latest blog post: Cat 

Welcome to the Cloud!

Reality is shaped by our perceptions. Sounds harmless enough, until you see what passes as reality in everyday news. CNN is corroborating the views of conspiracy theorists, the 1…

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A Maori Welcome for the Gangsters in Tiaras

A Maori Welcome for the Gangsters in Tiaras

The baby royals have graced NZ with their presence, this 9 days of holidaying in the South Pacific will cost the NZ taxpayer more than a million dollars, and that’s just the costs that they have to show. It doesn’t touch the black budget for the spray program that precedes these official visits.  After ten days of intense and angry making frequency/HAARPing prior to the royals arrival, the frequency has finally let go to low…


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NZ aerosol spraying fight back against it

Here's the link: http://www.paws4acausenz.com/

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Vincent Freeman - Chemtrails Pathogen, Xenobiology & Engineered Bacteria April 4th. 2014 Red Ice Radio

Vincent Freeman is a molecular biologist and artificial intelligence scientist who has worked on classified programs at some of the top-50 defense contractors. He has also conducted genetic and biological analysis for the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  Vincent is currently volunteering his time as a senior consultant to the Carnicom Institute, a non-profit research organization whose goal is to identify and expose covert geo-engineering…


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Keith "not calling for an immediate adoption of Geoengineering...wants to see research & robust public debate" Vid Blocked on YT

This is a quote from a shill on my channel. I don't pay them too much attention but this very long reply under a video that wasn't even about Keith, rather Jim Lee's timeline of geoengineering, says a lot & leads me to suspect they're trying to publicly come clean about their activities... & save face.

 This is the shill's blurb which is from an interview (emphases mine & have included my responses to his arguments because he blames us the unwitting public for ALLOWING IT!…


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More on EU nano regulations

I find the sentence stating that having to label EXISTING nano additives/ingredients that have been around for decades may be confusing for consumers? Around for how long in food?

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