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A Day Job Waiting For A Kill Shot A World Away

From his computer console here in the Syracuse suburbs, Col. D. Scott Brenton remotely flies a Reaper drone that beams back hundreds of hours of live video of insurgents, his intended targets, going about their daily lives 7,000 miles away in Afghanistan. Sometimes he and his team watch the same family compound for weeks.

“I see mothers with children, I see fathers with children, I…


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How Obama Has Stealthily Dismantled America's Immigration Enforcement Laws

The ancient Chinese practice of lingchi, the "Death of a Thousand Cuts," best describes the manner in which the Obama administration has systematically whittled away most immigration enforcement since taking office. Over time, the rule of law has been shredded not by a single act, but by many small cuts.

A review of President Obama's record reveals a jaw-dropping steady and stealthy…


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UN States Fail to Reach Global Arms Trade Treaty

Member states failed to reach agreement Friday on a new U.N. treaty to regulate the multibillion dollar global arms trade, and some diplomats and supporters blamed the United States for triggering the unraveling of the monthlong negotiating conference.

Hopes had been raised that agreement could be reached on a revised treaty text that closed some major loopholes by Friday's…


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Rise Is Seen in Cyberattacks Targeting U.S. Infrastructure

The top American military official responsible for defending the United States against cyberattacks said Thursday that there had been a 17-fold increase in computer attacks on American infrastructure between 2009 and 2011, initiated by criminal gangs, hackers and other nations.

The assessment by Gen. Keith B. Alexander, who heads the National Security Agency and also the newly created…


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Deals to Keep Generic Drugs Off Market Get a Court Rebuff

It would seem a business executive’s dream: legally pay a competitor to keep its product off the market for years.

Congress has failed to stop it, but for more than a decade generic drug makers and big-name pharmaceutical companies have been winning court rulings that allowed it.

Until this month. Now, a federal…


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Appeals Court Allows No-Fly Challenge To Proceed

A federal appeals court panel ruled Thursday that a lawsuit over the government's no-fly list can go forward in a lower court in Oregon.

In a unanimous ruling, the three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals found that a lower court improperly threw out the lawsuit. U.S. District Court Judge Anna Brown rejected the case last year, saying her court didn't have authority…


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Oil protest captain's charges thrown out

Oil protest captain's charges thrown out

By Matthew Backhouse


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Matt Taibbi Blasts David Brooks

New York Times columnist David Brooks is wrong about Mitt Romney, according to Matt Taibbi.

"I have a serious question for David Brooks, who is hailing Romney's Bain record. Do you know how private equity works?" Taibbi, a contributing editor for Rolling Stone, wrote about New York Times columnist David Brooks on Twitter on Tuesday. He continued: "I bet he doesn't have the faintest…


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Study Of Anti-AIDS Vaginal Ring Begins In Africa

Thousands of women in Africa can volunteer for major new research to see if inserting a vaginal ring coated with an anti-AIDS drug could protect them from HIV infection, U.S. scientists announced Tuesday.

Giving women tools to protect themselves when their partners won't use a condom is crucial for battling the epidemic. Women already make up half of the 34.2 million people worldwide living with HIV, even more — 60% — in hard-hit…


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Post from Cathy Monk on Facebook

What follows is a passionate and heart rending post made by Cathy Monk today. For those from overseas, Campbell Newman is the Premier of Queensland. Cathy's 5,000 acre farming property has no gas wells on it but it is surrounded by them on all boundaries.

"Mr Newman, A typical day in my house is waking up and giving big hugs to my kids because they wake up with itchy skin and craker headaches. Telling them that Mummy, Daddy, Nanny and Poppy know that they are very…


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Does Europe Understand the First Amendment Better Than [America Does]?

Lord Anthony Lester, a British member of parliament who helped make free speech law relevant overseas, explains why America is losing at its own game.

Anthony Lester is a member of the House of Lords in the Parliament of the United Kingdom. His work in human rights has transformed Europe's legal landscape, and perhaps more than anyone else he has made the First Amendment globally…


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A Land Without Guns: How Japan Has Virtually Eliminated Shooting Deaths

I've heard it said that, if you take a walk around Waikiki, it's only a matter of time until someone hands you a flyer of scantily clad women clutching handguns, overlaid with English and maybe Japanese text advertising one of the many local shooting ranges. The city's largest, the Royal Hawaiian Shooting Club, advertises instructors fluent in Japanese, which is also the default language of its website. For years, this peculiar Hawaiian industry has explicitly targeted Japanese…


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Marijuana, The New Blood Diamonds

In the summer of 2010, I harvested a small crop of marijuana I’d grown in my basement and sold it to a twentysomething college student who replied to an advertisement I’d posted on Craigslist. The transaction was conducted under the auspices of Colorado’s medical marijuana law, and so a certain degree of farce was involved. I wasn’t sick, yet I qualified as a stateapproved pot patient, which allowed me to grow and sell marijuana to other similarly qualified “patients.” Say what you…


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This Is How You Arrest Somebody!

Demonstrators Protest California Police Shooting

Demonstrators stormed a police department in Orange County, Calif., on

Sunday to protest an officer-involved shooting that left a man dead

and led to a violent clash between witnesses and police.

A crowd filled the Anaheim Police headquarters' lobby Sunday as Chief

John Welter prepared to hold a news…


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Studies Reveal $21 Trillion Hidden in Secret Tax Havens

At least $21 trillion of unreported private financial wealth was owned

by wealthy individuals via tax havens at the end of 2010. This sum is

equivalent to the size of the United States and Japanese economies

combined. The research comes amid growing concerns about the enormous

gulf between rich and poor in countries around the globe.

There may be as much as $32 trillion…


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