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From Al Fry and for VL - THANKS

In  the summer of 1900  Andrew Crosse of Elworthy, England seemingly created insects from his experiments with high frequency electricity. In  his private lab he sent electrical currentsthrough a strobe in a jar of acid. In a couple of weeks unusual types of tiny insects began to form on the stone. Repeated experiments indicated that with the proper adjustments of a spark gap and voltage reuIation, he could produce a crop of living insects within 140 days. Many witnesses saw this phenomena…


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The True(MAN) American Show

I have often felt like I was in the Truman show.  We are someone’s sick version of Jersey Shore and they refuse to change the channel.  Truman clouds look like...outside my window right now.  Oh, and it was co-produced by...Richard Luke Rothschild. Enjoy the show!


The Truman Show Exposed-Illuminati Hollywood…


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Rachel Corrie's Death Was An Accident, Israeli Judge Rules

Judge finds no fault in military investigation that cleared defence force of responsibility for protester being killed by bulldozer....

The death of the pro-Palestinian activist Rachel Corrie was not caused by the negligence of the Israeli state or army, a judge has ruled, dismissing a civil lawsuit brought by the family.…


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Please help stranded humpback in Australia!


A juvenile humpback stranded in Minnie Water, Australia and will be brutally killed in just 8 hours by NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (…


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Researchers identify rare adult immune disease in Asia

Researchers identify rare adult immune disease in Asia


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Matt Taibbi, Eliot Spitzer Discuss Eric Holder's Failure

Got a chance to talk with Eliot Spitzer last night about Eric Holder's decision not to prosecute Goldman Sachs for the offenses laid out in the Levin report.

(Video Embedded At Source)

I was trying not to be too obvious in making the point that Spitzer is an example of the kind of guy you would want looking at…


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WikiLeaks and Free Speech>> By MICHAEL MOORE and OLIVER STONE

WE have spent our careers as filmmakers making the case that the news media in the United States often fail to inform Americans about the uglier actions of our own government. We therefore have been deeply grateful for the accomplishments of WikiLeaks, and applaud Ecuador’s decision to grant diplomatic asylum to its founder, Julian Assange, who is now living in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London.…


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NYPD, Microsoft Push Big Data Policing Into Spotlight

Domain Awareness System poses a force to be reckoned with for NYC criminals; surveillance system likely coming soon to other cities.

If you ever find yourself plotting a crime in New York City, take heed: thanks to the Domain Awareness System (DAS), a new surveillance tool co-developed by Microsoft and the NYPD, you'll probably be in handcuffs before you've even made it to the…


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7 Facts About Geolocation Privacy

Recent ruling that upheld police remotely activating a phone's GPS tracking feature without a warrant highlights the legal gray area surrounding GPS data privacy.

Consumers currently enjoy little privacy protection from the GPS location information broadcast by their smartphones or automatically added by latest-generation cameras to their digital…


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Decision Matrix

You're a ruling oligarch and you have lots of things you want to do.  You also have lots of capabilities.  How do you make efficient use of capabilities to achieve the most with the least effort?  You use DECISION THEORY. 

So, you have a population waking up.  The traditional bullshit isn't being accepted as truth any more.  A lot of inconvenient…


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No Time Left – The Dynamics of the New Resistance

No Time Left – The Dynamics of the New Resistance

by Julian Rose Activist Post 8/14/12

By all accounts time is speeding up and space-time is contracting. As we move further into 2012 this phenomenon is almost palpable. Just where do the hours and days go?

Terence McKenna, the late…


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Matt Taibbi>Goldman Non-Prosecution: AG Eric Holder Has No Balls

I’ve been on deadline in the past week or so, so I haven't had a chance to weigh in on Eric Holder’s predictable decision to not pursue criminal charges against Goldman, Sachs for any of the activities in the report prepared by Senators Carl Levin and Tom Coburn two years ago.

Last year I spent a lot of time and energy jabbering and gesticulating in public about what seemed to me…


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August 14, 2012

stem cell Not only that, but a federal court has now ruled that FDA can regulate your cells as drugs.

We reported in January that the US Food and Drug Administration wants to treat your body’s stem cells as drugs—cells taken from…


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