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How to use electrotherapy to treat almost any condition

CAFL Link:…


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Paradoxes and personal awakenings - RELOADED

Only that which is TRULY paradoxical is actually granted life in this totally paradoxical universe.

The way out is the way IN.

The only way to truly possess anything is to totally renounce it.

The less you do, the harder it gets.

In the end, you will always find the answer was back in the APPROACH.

Those who speak do not know. Those who know do not speak.

The most powerful tools are the ones that don't exist. (Just ask any engineer about the square…


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Just a quick hello from a long-absent member

"Look at what is troubling you and you will only find things you shouldn't be doing" - MHG

Strange, cryptic words that occurred to me many years ago - a statement that I thought I'd made sense of way back THEN.

WRONG! (or in todays parlance - DOH!)

It is only now, after I can't remember now how many decades, that I believe I am BEGINNING to understand the depth and gravity of those words and if I were to only be allowed to have ONE single…


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A Number of reports about the collapse of the cabal and the NWO.

It was during a conversation only two days ago that a friend an I agreed that the most important task for humankind at this time is the taking down of the cabal and the returning of the wealth back to the people.

We also knew that this can only happen if we create it (The Kingdom of Heaven within) in our minds - for the outside world is only a reflection of the one within.…


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Tackling the EM threat to global health

The health problems connected with the use of high frequency EM are now a threat to the entire human race and something must be done.

Firstly, we need to frame the entire issue by definition:

Why do we have this problem ?

Humans exhibit a strong desire for fast and convenient communications.

Thus far, the available technological solutions have proven to be dangerous to the health of humans, animals and probably plants.

Our addiction to ever…


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Latest Observations

It's all pretty crystal clear to me now:


To them, the oldies are a financial drain on the system that should be eliminated. So bring in the chemtrails. The younger people won't be affected as much by them (at least in the interim). Notice all the talk about coronary problems recently ? This coincides with the massive increase of chemtrailing - although the…


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Wave X - What it is, what it does, how it is affecting you and why all this is happening

Background Material: Read these first if you are not familiar with the phenomenon.

1. X-wave - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (definition, physics…


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Just LOOK how well organised and efficient OUR leaders are! :-)

Hockey Meets With Cabinet To Start Developing Next Year’s Budget Backdowns

Treasurer Joe Hockey…


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Creating Third World Countries for Dummies

A handy booklet for would-be dictators and other aspiring government officials



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A cure for 99% of your worries - HONEST

The paragraph below has been copied from a book that has changed my life beyond all recognition (for the better!). The book was given to me by a "mentor" back in 1989 and having read it and re-read it countless times, I can only…


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The Invasion of the Towers of Misery

In an effort to gauge the prevalance of microwave towers throughout Australia, the following site was found to list all such installations in the country:



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The Trans-Pacific Partnership TPP: The Biggest Threat to the Internet You've Probably Never Heard Of

This is BIG one, folks!

If this is allowed to go through, the greatest tool we have to fight evil could be compromised. This scheme is just about to be approved by Tony Abbott (Prime Minister of Australia) and we need to show that WE DO NOT APPROVE.



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Fukushima and the dangers of radiation

Besides having a lot about Fukushima, this video series also has a lot of useful information about radiation in…


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New Zealand's Radiation and The Contrail Radiation Fund

For those who are understandably concerned with environmental matters and their effects on our health, Nuclear Radiation can now be added to our list of concerns, largely due to Japan's Fukushima disaster.

Going by reports on the internet, the danger posed by this…


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Australian poll on Geo-engineering

The Australian Sovereignty Party (ASP) is currently conducting a poll on Facebook for how many people believe in the reality of Geo-engineering.

Link here: http://www.facebook.com/questions/518037778246755/

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