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"The Dream", a Meaningless Story.

The Dream


Going, going, gone.

There I was again, walking down the street just outside of town. I could see the ocean and a few fisherman on the beach. Being still close to town, the road is lined with vendors selling pots, baskets, sandals, firewood and an assortment of fruits, vegetables and fish. The road is a bit difficult to walk on as it was made of broken seashells. I’m glad I have sandals,…


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Stop Being a Victim.

My next door neighbor came by to see if I would pick up his mail while he was in the hospital for heart valve surgery. Trying not to explode, I asked him if he was passing out or had any symptoms. He didn't know of any but the doctor found it on a routine checkup and told him he would be dead soon if he didn't go in for surgery. He didn't make it out of the surgery. For the last week he's been on a ventilator, in a coma with no brain activity. The hospital is keeping him alive to…


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Masturbation breaks at work could be 'very effective' and a great way to combat stress

Hey, I just report the news.

  • Psychologists say self-love shouldn't just be conducted in your bedroom at night
  • Instead, doing it while at work could…

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Colloidal Silver - Get it while you can.

Removed from public use in the United States in the 1920’s and 1930’s by the medical profession in their move to purge natural health remedies from the marketplace, Colloidal Silver persisted through public demand.

In August, 1998 the FDA ordered all Colloidal Silver removed from all U.S. Health Stores as a dangerous substance, but due to public outcry, that order has been temporarily relaxed.

So why are the Pharmaceutical company's and FDA trying so…


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A battle to the death, re-lived in this incredible interview.

322Report Spotlight…


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He couldn’t make the ritual sacrifice of killing children.

Back on April 25th, Jodi posted an incredible video that hardly got any views. There was no explanation for the video and was only available with difficult to read subtitles. It’s time to revisit this video.

The video was an interview with Ronald Bernard, a man that worked his way up the illuminati ladder till he almost made it to the top. Stopped short of reaching the top position only because he couldn’t make the ritual sacrifice of killing…


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Make sure the "Snake Oil" is in your bug-out bag

Back in the mid 1800's, towns across the west were scarce. Traveling salesmen would visit these towns in attempts to sell their wares. The one's most remembered were the Snake Oil salesmen.

While modern medicine has twisted the name "Snake Oil" to make the term synonymous with a scam, the original "Snake Oil" salesmen were anything but.

What were these guys selling? Echinacea Extract. Admittedly, many of their claims were exaggerated, but one claim was true.…


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