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the psycho cop Trump loves

OH HELL NO....I used to like Sheriff Clark

This made me sick...he framed this poor girl to protect one of his deputies who ran a stop sign & if there would have been no video she would have gotten charged and punished...THE COP CLEARLY LIED & Sheriff Clark knew he lied.

video:  …


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UNWELCOME speech for Criminal Immigrants


video:  https://youtu.be/j9e_vcSut0A

I'll bet this goes viral----boy he told them off

and we wonder why the countries they come from have such harsh punishments

The E.U. made a tragic mistake this time....their people are angry

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The Daily Cocktail. - More Effective Than Chemotherapy, Reduces Joint Pain, More Effective Than Antibiotics

Sounds like it's got all the right stuff....see "THE BASE" paragraph for the ingredients & see THE RECIPE on how to make it.  If I get cancer I'd rather try this than chemo that's for sure.  WHY WOULDN'T IT WORK?  It's bound to with those ingredients ---and he goes into detail about the nutrition aspect. 

The spirulina (algae) is interesting - I recently saw a video of a chimpanzee in the wild using a long stick to fish it out of a stream so she could eat it.  The point was…


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TRUMP---beat them or join them?

We did defeat the oligarchs by electing Trump....but let's see who he picks in his cabinet.  Will he let them infiltrate his cabinet?  Please don't recycle any more NEOCONS Trump....they are all groveling now after supreme betrayal. 

Pence was bad enough...a ready made puppet to replace an assassinated president.  JFK was pressured into running with LBJ to his own destruction.  Reagan made the…


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Did Jesus use cannibis?

WOW....this is really interesting....watch the video.

Ha ha ...this would be a good bible study.  God said He gave us the herbs to heal us.  Is this why cannabinoids have a natural brain receptors in humans.  We are wired that way.  So...why are we using all these chemical drugs made by pharma when we can grow this one for free?



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GMO Marijuana....Monsanto working the tat

the problem is the majority of Americans don't know these facts...they bought the hype, which the MSM is still shilling.  Maybe you should consider the facts instead.

Greedy politicians are probably licking their chops anticipating the graft they can collect…

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Whenever  you see a "big nothing burger"  story like this one BEWARE.....they are hiding the real news from you.  Of what consequence is this woman's deception?  None I'd say.  But just look what you missed  while you were being distracted by her...

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Merkel gets a WHIPPING

this ought to open your eyes once and for all....a drama is playing out in Germany's govt.
Do you pay any attention to what's going on in Europe ?.....well maybe it's time to start---you won't see…

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What Americans weren't told about Libya

ISIS....our useful idiots

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Why most sensible Americans reject AMNESTY

Look at what barbarity is occurring in Mexico TOMORROW.....small wonder most Americans are AGAINST AMNESTY....this culture doesn't mesh with ours.  This mentality is dangerous.  It's sickening & psychopathic.
Where is…

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JFK TO 9/11 ....a reality check

JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick

Also a reality check for fans of the MSM

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Gadaffi tried to step down....we switched sides

I can still remember Hillary cackling insanely joking about the brutal death of Gadaffi...

ANOTHER BANNED STORY...Gadaffi tried to step down --- but Obama chose to arm al Qaeda....this General & other high ranking officials said so....so why isn't this Commission  testifying at the Benghazi hearings?  And why isn't the MSM reporting this information?  This explains why Obama doesn't like the…

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No Palestine in ICC....LOST BY 1 VOTE

It fell short by only 1 vote
Australia now carrying the water for Israel too?  Since when?  Why?  I thought Australians had better sense.
We helped defeat Palestine's membership but why?  Why are we showing favoritism to this extent? 

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Nuns have it rough

---not that this doesn't go on in other religions too....in fact anywhere there is POWER & SECRETS ARE KEPT
pretty brave for her to come forward....I hope she's OK now
Nuns have it rough.  Catholics should hold the church accountable.  Can you imagine how scared these…

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is GMO giving the EU the excuse it needs to dump the U.S.?

Russia is making them a better trade offer....not only are they in the neighborhood, but they are non- GMO
Looks like our TTIP trade deal is a dud.  Can't really blame the EU because Americans don't want GMOs either.  We just don't have a…

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