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Kidney Dis-ease: Help!

I have recently got my Crohn's dis-ease into remission only to be now told that my kidneys are blinking - microalbuminuria, hypertension, cholesterol - and that all the foods that have saved my gut are no good for my kidneys (originally damaged twenty years ago by mesasalazine - a drug prescribed to treat Crohn's). I'm pretty angry and am now scared to eat anything. My bones and teeth are all aching from the lack of fats and oils and probably from the blood pressure meds I've…


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Coles, my sour cream is not sour enough!

Bit of an experiment happening in my fridge atm, inspired by Danielle's The ongoing RAW MILK saga

Once-upon-a-time, back in the Dark Ages, the nose indicated…


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A Bitch's Vent

Yep. According to my neighbours I'm not only a bitch (default derog. used by those with the imagination of a snail), I'm also "a peice of shit" because I have the nerve to complain about their disrespectful, arrogant behaviours. I took this pic this morning to show the Ombudsman what I see when I walk out my back door each day to feed dogs, garden, hang washing, run around nude (that's coming, let me assure you!)…


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Council urges cancer testing in Helensburgh

I'll quickly blog this and keep adding info that I can find. A commenter on the local newspaper spoke of too much information (guessing his comment didn't make it through moderation). I hope he goes back to the story, sees my comment and contacts me via twitter.

See beautiful Helensburgh

By SHANNON TONKIN Nov. 12, 2012, 9:03…


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The Student

For me this is the book of my time. For my children it will be another shame in the long list of legacies to be undone during some much later time.

Excerpt from chapter 6 of Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys over Girls, and the Consequences of a World Full of Men by Mara Hvistendahl.

                                              It is commonly said in the Orient that we want to cut

                                              their population because we…


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New Zealand media protest. Magic!

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God is Not Great

I experienced my first shaking-my-head moment on twitter the other night. I didn't hang around this hashtag too long, but some that I follow did and were retweeting the best of the worst coming through. To me, it was a reminder of what we're up againt when dealing with ppl who refuse to first question, then research why a topic, cause, unknown person may be trending | being talked about in the first place. The link below will take you to some screen captures of the action.…


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