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$100 Billion Class Action Lawsuit To Be Filed Against Google

Alphabet’s Google Being Sued for Censoring Conservative Content as Corporate Policy

State of the Nation

As incredible as it may sound, Google actually disabled AdSense on the SOTN website for posting our own articles.  This occurred on March 2, 2017 as seen in the email screen-capture posted below.

Let’s try that again: the…


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The People Solution – Come To Power

Recovery Process For Humanity

The following Q&A outlines a REMEDY for people world-wide to take back their power, take back their Soul claimed in 1302 under Papal Bull Unam Sanctam, and take back their country. This ‘made in Canada’ process can be applied in ‘any’ democratic country.

  1. Is it legal for a majority of people to retrieve final decision-making authority from de facto governments?

i] Yes, because in law nothing supersedes the…


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Special Edition: The Final Battle Between False Light and Pure Light

Natural Law

No law enforcement, despite moral depravity, social injustice, genocide, child sex trafficking, fraud, eco-terrorism across the skies, oceans and land, debt slavery, escalating censorship, bio-terrorism 5G InternetOfThings [IoT] and other harmful technology, SIGNAL something BIG is up planet wide.

Mark Passio regarding Natural Law: As morality increases in the aggregate of any given population of souls that society’s collective freedom will also…


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The End of Satanic Rule Is Divinity Presenting Itself To Be Claimed

Arnie R., Doreen A. & Nicole L. discuss the Canadian SOULution to stopping Global Governance

June 19, 2018 Arnie Rosner hosted an impromptu chat with Nicole Lebrasseur and myself, including background on the cabal being cut off from black magic 2009. Below is part of the video transcript because our situation is dire, our options are few, and knowledge is power when applied.

For millennia rulers have deceived,…


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Cabal’s Access to Black Magic Cut Off August 13, 2009

LIVE Free, Honorably, Responsibly

Furthermore in 2012, access to all energies was cut off from the fallen ones [cabal, Illuminati, new world order, other evil entities] by Infinite Creator, rendering them powerless.

This explains rising surveillance states, tracking RFID chips in merchandise, militarized police, culling the population [toxic food, water, air, fluorotoxicity, deflecting Sunlight from Earth, mandatory vaccines], censorship, uploading human…


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5G the largest biological experiment ever - call to action

Stop 5G to protect you, loved ones, community, people, pets, and environment

How to oppose small cell 5G towers

“small cell” tower in Santa Rosa CA.

The telecom industry has switched from primarily installing large, macro cell towers to deploying “small cell” towers…


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Unlock the gateway to collective consciousness

Third Eye Chakra a.k.a. Pineal Gland and Melatonin production

The pineal gland is a small endocrine gland located deep in the brain. The pineal gland produces melatonin with many biological effects, like the vital role it plays in free radical scavenging in the brain. While the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) denies access to most free radical scavengers melatonin has free access.

Free radical damage is now known to play a formative role in most brain disorders, including… Continue

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Lighting up life with silent weapons

Blue light is a weapon, has one of the shortest wavelengths, cuts the body’s production of melatonin, which plays a key role in regulating the body clock. This disrupts other hormones, causing prostate and breast cancer and other hormonal cancers. ALL BY DESIGN.

The Fullerton Informer

Published on May 5, 2018

Joe Iambriano, B.S. Chemistry- University of California Irvine, B.S. Biological Science- University of California… Continue

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An Ancient Evilarchy: How people ‘consent’ to be demonized

Teutonic Zionism

From Doreen

Names like Illuminati, Bilderberg, Freemasons, Jesuits, Club of Rome, secret societies, church, state, corporations are all controlled, and possibly mind controlled, by a very ancient evil cartel, an evilarchy that goes back thousands of years.

Jordan Maxwell says that Teutonic Zionism it is not Semitic Jewish Zionism. Teutonic Zionism is a whole secret order that has been in operation…


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5G, 60Ghz, WiGig: Taking an axe to the trunk of the tree of life

Weaponized frequencies: the diabolical plan

I transcribed the extraordinary video below to raise awareness because without a massive awakening on the part of humans and or Divine Intervention the path ahead is beyond evil! At least if we know what’s ahead we are better equipped to take wise action so life happens BY us instead of to us.

Joe Imbriano, B.S. Chemistry University of California Irvine, B.S. Biological Science University of California…


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A Wireless wake-up call | Jeromy Johnson

Avert infertility, DNA damage, and eventually cancer

TEDx Talks

Published on Feb 18, 2016

A Silicon-valley engineer turned technology health advocate, Jeromy Johnson discusses our attachment to technology and the health hazards such an addiction may hold. AV and event video provided by…


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OFFICIAL: Why FAA Wants Clouds By Day And None At Night

Weaponizing the weather … Part I of II

“Jet aircraft have been creating clouds that fan out and block out the sun since 1948!”

Jim Lee


FAA Scientist: We Want Clouds By Day, None By Night

Contrails during day cause cooling because of reflecting…


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REVELATION: Subtly of The Serpent … Electronic Power butt-on

Does this power butt-on look familiar?

The symbolism represents sodomy, the primary occult power source; installing evil spirits [a demonic system called 'legion'] into a body whose mind is then controlled by demonic forces.

Every time an electronic device with this symbol is powered on and powered off individuals energize this hidden symbolism. Don’t be surprised if Satan’s politically correct agenda makes it a…


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Climate Change: The CON in condensation, contrail, consent

The Missing Link: Geoengineering

From Doreen

Awareness of well supported facts is essential, as is full disclosure and ‘informed consent’ of the people, before government amends environmental legislation, introduces new laws, taxes, and or restrictions due to climate change.

The missing link in climate change is an array of technologies collectively referred to as geoengineering. Climate change…


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#OperationHumane: How The Cabal Trains Your Brain

To diffuse inner hostilities

From Doreen

This post is about the manipulation of human brains, how brain imbalance shows up in the world, why, and what can be done to remedy the pre-sent.

Dominators are left brain-damaged

I transcribed the following from a video embedded in the link ‘Operation Humane: balance both sides of your brain’ below, to discern the root cause of evil behavior, and…


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Operation Humane: How To Break Free From The Mind Matrix


Every time a boundary is put on the brain it bursts through and goes further and further!

by Amplex

From Doreen

Full video transcript below

Yes, your brain is more powerful than a super computer. Learn how the cabal manipulates the human brain by…


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Bio-Spiritual Harvesting; Soul fragmentation

Soul and energy harvesting

By Lisa Renee

As we pull back the curtain we are examining a few ways that the NAA hide the practice of soul and energy harvesting in plain sight.  The manipulation of collective consciousness and the cost to the human soul when abandoning the natural laws, so…


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REVELATIONS: Water Scarcity Debunked in 3 Minutes

PRIMARY WATER is why we do not have a water shortage.


Published on Jan 3, 2015

Many thanks to New Human New Earth NHNE for…


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Residential Wi-Fi Options

In Canada at least, a service provider will turn off Wi-FI throughout your house if you make the request. You can arrange for 1 or more active ports on the modem to access internet however Wi-Fi will not permeate your space.

Turning the modem off at night turns Wi-Fi off throughout your space and improves sleep.

A land line telephone is much safer than cordless phones, iphones, and ipads.

EMR Reduces Melatonin in Animals and People

Possibly the…


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What Is The Matrix Control System? The Demiurge? Remedy?

The bigger picture

From Doreen

The greater your awareness of 1] a quiet war waged against humans, and silent weapons used by entities atop the power pyramid 2] an unseen Cosmic virus that thrives on dense, dark energy of negative human emotions 3] the origin and purpose of 1 and 2, and 4] the rare opportunity to free ourselves, the more empowered you are to safeguard yourself and loved ones, sustain well being, and take back our home planet.

There is a…


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