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Weather Control Conference 2018 - help Jim Lee get there.

For all those who want to be behind the geoengineering agenda being made accountable to the public, and exposed. Please help Jim lee get to this conference. Check it out.

I want to attend the 98th American Meteorological Society's annual meeting in Austin, Texas this coming January.

This meeting will be a gathering of the world's  top…


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Help save natural news petition


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My first children's novel: 'Babymandog - Unusual Bonds of Friendship'

First print just arrived on 22nd December - Yay - so exciting!

'Babymandog: Unusual Bonds of Friendship' is a children's book published by Magpie/Tales for Children, written and illustrated by me Fiona Hansen. (29 black and white pen drawings. And some photos drawn over with pen.)

What is it about?

Babymandog is a heart-warming story of a creature that is half-human/half-dog and his two best friends, who live in a place called Town, in…


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Is it time to rethink why we celebrate Halloween?

Do you know who you serve when you celebrate this event? Few would pass up the opportunity to dress up and go from door to door with friends, where door steps are decorated with ghoulish candle filled pumpkins, spider webs and other things.  And to top it off, the reward of coming home with a bag of sweet…


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Awaking from alzheimers - 12 day seminar - free online

Join in now - 12 days on how to reverse or prevent alzheimers. Just watching first one - so good.

Many drugs old people take are causing it. Also high blood sugar.

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Has the elephant left the room?

Has the elephant left the room?

By now, a lot of us who have been observing the full on geoengineering onslaught in our skies Down Under, in both Australia and NZ since 2012, will have to admit that things have changed…


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Poem about our current situation in the USA and world - amazing!!

Please watch. This is a face book link

Very talented a switched on poet.

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When silence isn't Golden

Silence, as a social weapon

In this case ‘Silence is not golden’ and the ‘sounds of silence’, not so welcome.

It is called - ‘the silent treatment’.

It is a way of communicating – I don’t like you, I can’t face you, I don’t want to relate to you, so - I will make you feel invisible, as if you don’t exist, ignored, isolated, and alone, and disapproved of.



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Day of action - 10 Sept. All New Zealanders join ActionStation and make the difference.

Sorry I am late posting this - too late for most Kiwis here. The Auckland rally ends at 7pm, so if anyone is nearby they could…


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The Hillary Files: Download

The Hillary Files: How special interests that violate health, human rights and the environment have pre-purchased the Clinton presidency

Download the full pdf here.

Learn more: …


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Some kind of new geoengineering research?

On the 28th August I noticed this blob in the ocean just below Java - satellite view. It had no eye to it like a storm, but seemed to be constantly emitting cloud at a focused point. I watched it on time lapse and it appeared to keep puffing cloud that was then being fed by jet stream across Australia. I did note there was a low pressure system over that area. The blob had no eye or central spin. Here it is on the 28th at 1.20pm.…


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Letter from John Key - NZ to be predator free by 2050 - what kind of mass poisoning will this take?

Received email today   more 1080, or something else? Waterway cleanup sounds good.

We need to ask Govt how they intend to do this.…


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Light a candle on the June 3 for all those vaccine injured around the world.

June 3 - International Vaccine Injury Awareness Day

Light a Candle for the Vaccine-damaged

Join the event called Light a Candle for the Vaccine-damaged held on International Vaccine Injury Awareness Day. People gather in public places (in streets, town squares or parks) and light candles to remember the suffering or even death of vaccine-injured children and adults.…


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The Importance Of Supporting Unconventional Grey

Just received this today - only just over $8,000 to go to get this movie out there.…


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Happy Easter - what ever that means.

Easter Friday cartoon in the Age newspaper here in Melbourne.  Could not help smile - a picture tells a thousand words so they say.  Yes, this is what Easter has become in many Western countries - it's all about the chocolate bunnies and eggs(not that I am against chocolate )  And yes it is fun for the kids - treasure hunts and chocolate fest, all in all something to be looked forward to.…


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Merry Christmas 2015

To everyone here, I hope you are having or going to have a wonderful day with family or friends.  

Thanks to all who contribute here to make this a wonderful place to come and learn, share and communicate.  This is like an oasis, a place to come and be refreshed in a troubled world.  I just want to share this scripture that has really stood out to me in these times.  A call to the light.  Isaiah, way back in time prophetically spoke these words about the end times, which I believe is…


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What the president is doing in Paris



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Climate change rally Melbourne Australia 27th Nov 60,000 people

Well, my husband John and I went to the rally yesterday and the crowd was so huge we could not find anyone else from our group so - We were there with our lone banner - "The elephant in the climate change room - GEOENGINEERING".  The other side said "Reduce CO2 =Yes, and STOP geoegineering NOW."…


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A new type of geoengineering? - observed and documented over Melbourne Australia

Hi all.  As part of a group here in Melbourne called "Melbourne against chemtrails" (on fb), yesterday Sunday 22 Nov, I think we just documented some kind of chemical spot drop technology - 2 over Port Philip Bay and the others  over N Melbourne. All slowly moved to the East, so possibly blown from West originally. …


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