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All the problems we’re experiencing on this planet, aside from natural phenomenon, are caused by us humans. They are caused by ‘the human condition’, and, astonishing a claim as it is, it is that underlying core issue of our troubled human condition that the World Transformation Movement website actually addresses and provides solutions. https://www.humancondition.com

Link below to download the book or book summary free; no registration.

From Doreen
On Aug 29, 2010, after reading Jeremy Griffith’s book ‘FREEDOM, The Liberation and Transformation of The Human Race Through Breakthrough Biological Understanding of the Human Condition ‘ I posted the following Blog.

Soul Repair – World Transformation

The quest to explore destiny to its inner most depths took humans millions of years. Our search for knowledge revealed the nature of reality, which responds to our beliefs, thoughts, words, actions, and feelings.

The sooner humans close the illusory gap between spirit [Creator] and matter [created], the sooner solutions can flow through us to generate a new reality.

Aug 27, 2010 I discovered Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith B.Sc., Founding Director of World Transformation Movement and author of books about the human condition, described as contradiction of human capacity for so called ‘good and evil’ – the agonizing core issue our species needs to understand about divisive, negative behavior.

It is now possible to make sense of the deepest, darkest, previously off-limits issue of the human condition. About Jeremy Griffith’s book, Professor Harry Prosen, former President of the Canadian Psychiatric Association says:

“Finding understanding of the human condition, our capacity for good and evilhas been the Holy Grail of the whole Darwinian revolution because it is the insight needed for the psychological rehabilitation of the human race. Since I am convinced this book presents that liberating understanding, I believe there has never been a more exciting moment in human history, or a more important book.” END

Perhaps Charles Darwin’s idea of natural selection was a stepping stone on a long journey back to our Whole Self. New understanding, after millions of years of conflict during our search for knowledge – between gene based learning instinctive self [orientation to], and emerging nerve based learning intellectual self [understanding of] mind is evolutionary!

From inner conflict emerges our shadow self filled with anger, judgment, criticism, greed, fear, deep feelings of unworthiness, all of which feed and sustain incoherence in our world.

Humans are more ‘mistaken’ than evil. Humans are in fact, brave and magnificent heroes to experience the illusion of dualism or separation in this Earth reality.

New Beginning
Unable to explain extreme negative human interaction up to now, the issue of the human condition has been difficult to look at, so much so that people live in denial of imperfection and cycle in dilemmas.

Denial makes hearing about our shadow self or dark side difficult, so please re-listen, re-read, or re-watch Jeremy’s explanation to understand why humans are so competitive, aggressive, and selfish, when the ideal is so clearly to be cooperative, loving and selfless.

Although humans appear to be locked in a race between self discovery and self destruction, conscious scientists align with indigenous wisdom and deep spiritual truth, which compel everyone to awaken consciously and re-write the codes of reality.

This new biological explanation intensifies a call to inform humans so individuals can ‘choose’ a change of heart. Systems that serve few at the expense of many are dissolving because they cannot enter a new world organically emerging now.

Modern science and awareness of grand cycles of time closing 12.21.12 offer too many new beginnings to ignore. Now is a rare moment to replace fear with love, end dogma, illusions of separation, powerlessness, scarcity; fear, rage, criticism,  judgment, conflict, war, etc., which delay unbridled creativity from flowing to heal us and the past.

Deal or No Deal?
How smoothly we transition into a new era is an individual choice that collectively determines the fate of this tract of humans. Mainstream media malfeasance delays awareness that our species stands at the edge of … either causing the next mass extinction or a quantum leap in Conscious evolution.

Download the book or book summary at https://www.humancondition.com/

You can also subscribe for weekly inspirational messages that allow you to digest the book’s insightful information in bite size increments.

Please share with others to remove ourselves from the karmic wheel of pain and suffering. In other words, end human enslavement. Thank you.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse

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Comment by President GNNA NFP Inc. on February 4, 2018 at 16:59

Dear Doreen,

Thanks for the post. Downloaded PDF's, not yet read. It is encouraging that many earthers still believe a peaceful transition path still exists while there is perpetuation extension of misery via human conduct. This is a grand dialectic, which argument will out?

Less about words than conduct. Sweet words of prosperity through jobs on one end of the rope and insane profit by dis-incarnate entities like corporations which spin webs to snare unsuspecting insects and suck out their fluids.

Of course, the ones seeking minimal prosperity and security are the insects potentially caught in webs. Oh, what tangled webs are woven and heroes are as flawed as villains and both have a great spiel. Fear and loathing juxtaposed to inspiration, aspiration and ambition. Ohh, ambition terminates aspiration and love of divine things.

It is true about pain and suffering, even thinking about such matters and man generate ennui and angst. The sense of desperation and dedication is smothering, depleting but yet a seed struggles inside that view of the abysmal.

I like the last line;

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse.


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