Nutrition 2011

It comes to mind that we should not 

Be eating foods that will not rot! 

Good foods degenerate, decay 

A safe-guard, Mother Nature’s way. 

We wisely fear the various modes 

By which our food value erodes. 

Old enemies forefathers knew 

Have now been joined by quite a few. 

We seal things up with all our might  

To keep out bugs who feast at night. 

Left-overs, both the hot and cold 

We carefully inspect for mold. 

With increased harried mode of life 

Convenience food spares us some strive. 

And we can find all sorts of things

Pre-packed so we can eat like kings. 

Foods modified genetically 

Gassed, x-rayed, sealed hermetically. 

Let me suggest this test to you 

To hold some foods a week or two. 

And make some notes, so you will know 

What foods not even flies will blow. 

What value do you think it’s got

If God’s wee creatures shun the lot?  

© by B Gayle Dailey  01-25-2011

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Comment by Barbara G Dailey on March 10, 2018 at 21:16

I appreciate that you enjoyed this. I feel poetry and expressive writing is a gift I was given; a tool to use for my own edification and to relay messages to others. In trying to jiggle people awake gently, I have engaged it quite often. At first, I urgently wanted evidence that my efforts are effective, probably to be affirmed. I have since learned to deliver the goods, then move on, as in job description for messengers. I love the quote Rose has posted on the home page, about the effects of sleeping with a mosquito. It reminds me that even though my audience is small, I can still 'do something!"

Comment by Rainbow Cat on March 10, 2018 at 17:46

Great poem, thanks Barbara.

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