Acknowledgement of a special woman. Jenny Drew.

I wanted to acknowledge a special woman and member here at the ConTrail.  Jenny Drew, who joined us here in May of 2011 from Dunedin, turned 80 a couple of days ago.  I figure that it's something worth celebrating!

Jenny was a school teacher, wife of a scientist and mother of 4.  All of Jenny's sons took the science and corporate paths, her son Peter included.  The family recently gathered, from all over the world, to celebrate Jenny's life and there is MUCH to celebrate.

As I understand it, Jenny has always thought alternatively.  I can not imagine what that would be like in a family of strong science minds, an even harder journey than most of us I would expect.

Like many of us, Jenny has faced major health challenges, BUT has beaten 'the used by date' the doctors gave her by YEARS.  Her research and persistence are what have this lovely woman ahead of the rest.

I was blessed to met Jenny, 5 years (or so) ago, when she came all the way from Dunedin to Kaikoura.  Jenny made that long trip in her car aged 75.  She had come to have a beautiful piece of Ponamu, that had been gifted by the Dunedin local body, to be blessed for her son Peter.  The blessing was conducted by Brett Cowan, at that time, a member of the  rūnanga (pictured below). 

Brett Cowan leading rūnanga members and members of the Kaikōura community.

Brett Cowan leading rūnanga members and members of the Kaikōura community.

The blessing took place at the old wharf near the Pier hotel and a magical ceremony it was.  We left undoubtedly touched by spirit.

Ironically Brett Cowan was the manager of the local Department of Conservation (DOC), and he  invited us back to have a cup of tea at his office.   We were welcomed into his office and given a cuppa, and I will never forget what happened next. 

Jenny spoke clearly and confidently to this manager of NZs Conservation.   She expressed her concerns of the sky pollution.  This opened up a healthy chemtrail dialogue.  Brett was in the company of a kaumatua (elder) wahine, even if he wanted to escape, he had no choice but to stay and I'm sure his good manners wouldn't have let him.   I remember him listening, taking in what he could.  If he was surprised he didn't act it.  He then turned to us and said, "This does not really surprise me, did you know that 'they' put arsenic in the bread for Maori as late as the 1960's?"  I felt shame, yet again, for the horrors covert government 'testing' and the actions of our ancestors.  We both left glowing from having had an opportunity to crack another egg.   

Brett later became an anti oil drilling activist. He no longer works for DOC.

In more recent times, Jenny has become an advocate for vaccine awareness.  I heard a rumour recently that she's resigned her lifetime membership, from a parenting group, as a stand against their pro-vaccine policy.   I CHEERED when I heard that.

Deepest respect to you Jenny Drew.  Thank you for opening these cracks in the doors (and heads), thank you for being the kind of woman to stand tall in your researched beliefs.  Thank you for shining a light throughout your life and in a time where awareness was not asked for nor often valued or understood.  You have spent a large part of your life chipping at the coal face, where most of us have just begun to take baby steps.

Every time I see the meme below, you and another dear friend spring to mind. 

Much AROHA to you and your family Jenny.  Thank you for being here and for anchoring the light of awareness where ever you are. ♥

~Rows & your GET REAL friends from the ConTrail~

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Comment by Mete Sepken on February 7, 2019 at 21:49

I love her Spirit 

Comment by deanna munson on December 13, 2018 at 13:33


Comment by Nym on November 28, 2018 at 11:58

Brilliance and Resilience - you have both keys Jenny! Hat's off to you - you Living Woman.

Much love & respect!

Nym xxx

Comment by Cat Brown on November 18, 2018 at 2:01

Happy birth week Jenny! Especially for people my age, nearly 57, it's people like you who empower us. You're amazing! 

Comment by Fiona Hansen on November 16, 2018 at 17:25

Great comment Jenny. I have always appreciated your responses to articles. You have moved with the times and not got stuck in the past like so many older people do. I agree this website is a treasure. I have not been very present this last year as I have had too much going on personally to do it justice. Am still exhausted from moving back to NZ and resettling, reconnecting with family and trying to get my sick son well. As you know - the aftermath of vaccine damage. It's a long slow road, but we are making progress. We need to get him well enough to cope on his own. At present not there yet. Hence we have had no holiday for 5yrs now, but one planned for April. Am hoping to get more involved here again in the New Year. 

Comment by Jenny Drew on November 15, 2018 at 11:27

Thank you, thank you all for your birthday wishes and amazing comments.  I have been absolutely blown away and very humbled by them.  It has been so wonderful to belong to the Con Trail as I can't talk about the sorts of things we discuss here with family and friends, so it can feel very lonely without anyone to share ideas with.  ConTrail  has provided me with a wealth of new information which I probably would not get otherwise, so a very special thanks to Rose for all she does - and to you all for sharing your knowledge, wisdom and ideas'

I do not feel 80 - more like 60.  For the past week I have enjoyed a week-long celebration with my immediate family - all three of my siblings (oldest 82) and my four children, (plus hangers-on), my two grandchildren - and even my first piano teacher (88) who started me off on a career in music 70+ years ago and with whom I have always had a special relationship. All the above are 'young at heart', but Peter is the only one I can even mention certain subjects to!!

The two letters which Peter has included were written out of sheer frustration that the organisations which should be doing the right things are the most brainwashed of all - the Ministries of Health and Education, the universities, otherwise good caring doctors and nurses who are all unaware of the damage they are doing to our children who are our future. When will they ever learn?  I can only scatter seeds here and there and hope one or two will fall on fertile ground.  I am not on Face Book, but continue to write to newspapers, magazines, to university professors who say amazingly ignorant things to graduates.

Rose, I loved the meme - and also learning that not only am I a Scorpio with a sting in the tail but that I was born in the year of the tiger.  Interesting.  I have really appreciated hearing from some of the longer-time members of Con Trail as well as newer ones.  Thank you, bless you all, and continue doing your great work to help awaken those around you.

With love to you all, Jenny

Comment by Rainbow Cat on November 12, 2018 at 8:14

Also while reading the latest November-Feb issue of Natural Medicine magazine over the weekend I was pleased to see Jenny's letter to the editor on Diabetes and Ginko published. I'll be giving Ginko a go now myself, now on, thanks.

Comment by Doreen Agostino on November 12, 2018 at 5:23

From Canada, limitless blessings and pure light to you Jenny on your birth date and beyond. Thank you for your contributions to the 'all'. Enjoy! 

Comment by cats pajamas on November 11, 2018 at 14:41

Awesome to read the letters, thanks for the pdf links! Well done Jenny, bravo!

Comment by Vinyl Lady on November 11, 2018 at 10:49

In celebration of your birthday, Jenny, I made myself a modest cocktail with a lovely twist of lemon and decided to simply relax and watch a movie. The movie was boring so I wandered about the house, happy in my day of relaxation.  There was a poetry book on the table.  I opened it at random to see if there might be some useful instruction contained therein.

"Wipe your hand across your mouth, and laugh;
The worlds revolve like ancient women
Gathering fuel in vacant lots."
I can do that!
Happy Birthday

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