This post was originally added December 31st 2011.

(Edit 25/11/16 from rose) I am resending this blog out to those that have woken to the seabed mining navy connection with the quakes.
Remember the seabed mining deal with Anadarko was signed up a few hours after the 22.22.11 quake.
Keep in mind that the US CONGRESS were sitting in john Keys offices, even though they had a day of meetings scheduled in Christchurch. They flew out to Wellington 2 hours before the killer quake. Aquila, Anadarko's sea bed mining ship was outside Christchurch when this happened. We have testimony from a member that was on Aquila.
The day after the Hamner, Culverden, Kaikoura quakes, the TPPA was ratified at it's third reading even though we were assured TPPA was dead in the water.
The very best information you will ever read comes from this author. Jeff Phillips (Goober Wefferson on this site) broke the original Fukushima story also. A talented man with his heart wide open.

Read and WEEP!

If you check out this page, you will note that at least five members of the board of directors of Anadarko would qualify as "all-star HAARPists."

1)  CEO James Hackett, a director of Halliburton ("War, Inc.", ref. Dick Cheney & BP-Gulf) and member of Trilateral Commission (= connection to 'doc tronic' Brzezinski and Rockefeller)

2)  Luke Corbett, director of Kerr-McGee (notorious plutonium reprocessor, owned by Anadarko now, ref.  Karen Silkwood)

3)  Peter Geren, former Sec. of both Army and Air Force

4)  Paula Reynolds, director of BAE, a major defense contractor specialiizing in advanced weapons systems...who just happened to build the HAARP phase 2 upgrade

BAE SYSTEMS Receives $35 Million For HAARP Program

5)  Most interestingly, General Kevin Chilton, who was until joining Anadarko in May of 2011 the head of the U.S. SPACE COMMAND, after having been the commander of the Strategic Air Command...these are HUGE positions.

The Space Command controls the entire "weapons in space" and "missile defense" dimensions, which includes ALL the "star wars" stuff that gave birth to HAARP.

With these five people on the board of directors, Anadarko could more accurately be described as a military operation disguised as a corporate enterprise, part and parcel of the 'false flag geo-terrorism' paradigm.  If ANYONE would be poised to utilize HAARP and technetronic weapons systems in any context, it would be them.

Note that not only the Aquila but also all the other 'exploration vessels' operated by Seabird have identical 'golf ball' domes on their top decks.  These house SBX phased-array antennas, which are small versions of HAARP.

The whole Seabird flotilla could actually be a technetronic warfare fleet!

Between these relevations about Anadarko and about Clear Channel communication, which functioned as a major propaganda army for the Bush administration...well, it's easy to see who the assassins of Christchurch actually are.

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Comment by Sandi Dinsdale on November 29, 2016 at 16:10

I can't believe the NZ govt folded like a sheet of paper to their bully threat of punching the country out with a mega quake all the govt had to do was to EXPOSE the evil Vermin...instead they went along sacrificing the future of your nation & peoples. NWO is moving fast now, so sad to see....I have been educating myself abut the 1080 bait poison NZ govt. manufactures & distributes to kill all that encounters it be it in water ways, soils, or the poor creatures that eat the bait, the reports are that the song birds are ceasing to sing & the forests are becoming quiet.  I noticed this years ago now when I was last there, so little bird & wild life there, this is tragic indeed. New Zealand was one of the last bastions of 'pristine nature' left on this ragged haggard planet thanks to mankind. How can the public allow their govt to do this is what I don't understand? 1080 is a painful, prolonged sufferous death for all unsuspecting creatures that encounter it from Earth Worms to Elephants 1080 kills, I wish if they like it so much they would keep it to themselves & eat it damn it.  Our friends 3 beautiful cattle dogs got into it & died, another friend here in Oz had a deer come up to their house frothing at the mouth obviously in terrible pain & died. Another neighbour's horse drank from water where the govt had dumped 1080 pellets into the  river (which I know humans drink from as well) & the horse too died a horrific & need I add a most unnecessary & tragic death.  Isn't there anything we can do about this?I for one am ready & willing to give up some of my time to the cause, nature is in such a state already things may have reached & surpassed the Tipping Point of now return. The global elite banskters are destroying the planet systematically on every level ever possible front that they can...there are so many of 'us' & so few of them, how is it that the sheeple people sleep on in disregard for the ongoing CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY crimes against all life  Geo Engineering, Fracking, 1080, vaccines etc. = OMNICIDE these beasts need to be held accountable & charged accordingly for their massive ongoing crimes of which the destruction of Christchurch is one.

Comment by Martin Harris on November 25, 2016 at 23:36

Thanks for reposting this. Very timely reminder of the players involved.

Add Skull and Bones member and general government henchman John Kerry to the list.

Comment by Ian Williams on February 7, 2015 at 12:31

Comment by rose on August 19, 2014 at 19:36
Comment by rose on February 4, 2013 at 21:38

Hi people. I try not to ask to much but this one is a pull it together moment.

Wondered if those of you with blogs might put a quick note out regarding the attached article in today's paper.  Please share  the first link below ~ ãnything but the ConTrail links. I'm not really in the mood to be weeding out newbees and naysayers, it's been a week of annoying &*^% and we all have better things to do.  

Anything you can do would be really appreciated. Some of you have networks, some have 'friends', you all have skills and most importantly heart.  


Mike sent this to me today:

"Hi Rose, how are you doing? I just seen this on Facebook and thought i would send you a message from Lynda Kitchingham :

IMPORTANT MEETING KAIKOURA FRIDAY 8 FEB TAKAHANGA MARAE 10.30AM. Come and hear the new Minister for Energy, Simon Bridges, and Anadarko Oil Company Representative talk about their proposed oil exploration off the Kaikoura Coast."

And then I followed his blog links to this


Never have we needed to band together more down here.  

If you are in of the areas spoken about, find out when the meetings are happening in your area and go and listen - first hand to the plans to rape our beautiful countries resources. The war was always on our water, and here you have it.  Good bye blue sky and blue water. 

Today Canty had another EXPECTED quake, the frequencies and chemicals have done everything from inflaming my joints to giving me a wicked dose of the flu (after nanofog was bought in on Kaikoura).  The local kids reported a Navy ship in our waters - right in close. Perhaps this ship was one of Anadarkos privatized war seismic mapping war machines.  It sure feels like it

WE DON"T WANT THIS TECHNOLOGY anywhere near our towns and coastal cities.  

If you don't know who Anadarko are, I ask you to read the posts below.

 Please educate yourselves and understand the urgency.  

I don't wan't this to happen to our home. I'm actually finding it really hard to hold it together right now.

It's time to activate guys, we are in it together and it is up to us to share the responsibility. The chemical assault and HAARPing eases when these ships are not in our waters. The fog on the coast is hiding a multitude of sins.


Please dont post any of the links below this point out on public forums ~ I don't want any of this leading back to the ConTrail'. Our social networks are under close scrutiny. However your welcome to use any info on the discussion threads if you need supporting information and certainly Jeff Wefferson won't mind you using his blog link.

More to ponder on Anadarko - Aquila and earth changes


For  some reason Jeff didn't leave a link to his work this time and his blog is hard to find a direct link to it This is his blog link - GeoTerrorism

Anadarko Petroleum, the Aquila Explorer Vessel, Siesmic Surveys and Frequencies, The Raping of our Resources, Environment and Planetary Inhabitants

Anadarko is coming back to the NZ South Island Coastlines - more quakes on the way peeps so get your family prepared..

Comment by Rob C on January 1, 2012 at 12:20

Something else for everyone to take note!

Propaganda repeat Documentary this morning at 8.25 am TV3, INZ: Are Vitamins Killing You?
Man, is the FASCIST STATE increasing quickly now!?! Not bad for "Big Brother" to start New Year's Day 2012 off with this sort of BRAZEN propaganda program highlighting the collusion between big pharma/ government health department and our corrupt university professors and doctors - I would suggest - ready for this new Bill to be passed early this year which will give the Government unrestrained power to stop people actually privately growing their own fruit and vegetables at home, hens, bees, you name it - also women making their own jam for example and selling it at local markets and so on. Also linked to what is happening in Washington DC at present is a Bill coming (it may have been passed by now) which will ban the private purchase and sale of all vitamin and mineral health supplements, giving the giant international pharmaceutical companies, state-controlled goons & doctors and governments a total monopoly.  Professor Rod Jackson and Professor Bruce Carroll of Auckland University actually had the gall and cheek on the program to say "vitamins are drugs should be treated like other drugs" and "It is time to regulate vitamins as they should be prescription-only drugs." One of them, I forget which, (I think it was Dr Bruce Carroll) actually said that most people get all or most of the vitamins they need from milk and milk products! - yet even a 5-year-old child knows all milk and dairy products sold in our supermarkets now have been heated, homoginized, reconstituted and goodness knows what else so that ALL THE NATURAL VITAMINS IN IT HAVE BEEN TOTALLY DESTROYED!!
The power of the internet! I did a quick check, for example, on Professor Rod Jackson. He headed the "Polypill Trial" at Auckland University in 2009, that were producing and testing a pill which supposedly in the future will eliminate the need for health supplements, and get the vast majority of the GLOBAL POPULATION to take a five-in-one polipill to eliminate heart disease and stroke by over 80 per cent in middle aged and older people. The trial was funded by the Health Research Council of New Zealand (HRC), that just happens to work closely with Merck Sharp & Dohme (NZ), based in Newmarket, that works closely with the School of Medicine and Department of Pharmacology at Auckland University. 
And as you already know, the Merck Company in Germany in collusion with the American Rockefellers, were instrumental with Hitler in implementing the Holocaust! - and it is no coincidence that many of the leading Nazi murderers under Hitler were in fact doctors! - university educated idiots!
So yes, there is a reason why New Zealand's earthquakes are continuing on a regular basis as somebody is trying to wake us all up!
Happy New Year!

Comment by rose on January 1, 2012 at 9:59

Anadarko Petroleum, the Aquila Explorer Vessel, Siesmic Surveys and Frequencies, The Raping of our Resources, Environment and Planetary Inhabitants

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