Bill Maher predicted mass shooting at country music awards in 2014 and Trump is bullying an Arab

The other day I commented on George W. Reichel's post about the Reptile style Vatican Hall, that we have to help God heal from cruel and boring forms of worship. In the meantime, the internet is buzzing with a new theory about billionaire Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal sending multiple snipers to Vegas, instead of Steven Paddock as lone shooter. Clue: It turns out Trump and Waleed have been going at it, and the Vegas massacre is the ongoing outcome. Trump is locked and loaded ladies and gentlemen.

Look at Trump's tweet from 2015.

And if that isn't wild enough, God or a likeness thereof answered a day after my 'helping Him heal' comment, in Al's name. All - my name for God, walled (change one letter from Waleed)  bin Talal. Tall All (that's so cute!) is Walled. We should be hemmed in the same sock, not walled off!

That's not all, Bill Maher predicted something eerily like the Vegas shooting in this 2014 New Rules.

What are we to take away from all this?  Bill is guilty as fuck! Just like fellow Hollywood druid Seth McFarlane, with his many accurate predictions.  Are they the soothsayers of the supernatural Illuminati? I would say yes, in light of what I see is happening. I'm sitting at the ultimate tea party, with green room talk like 'man da lay bae... ho tell'. And I'm supposed to tell about lass vegg ass. You'll be comforted to know that da, man does still lay bae. It's my pleasure to tell... I've been in this game too long to even think of censoring my baby. Every name, however it was schemed, is worthy of mention.  Secret Bill is just busting himself with crude material like lass vegg ass. Bill and Seth have avoided sexual allegations so far, but they're into some kinky shit nevertheless... thankfully for them it's too intellectual to appeal to masses. Ironically, tv Bill is skating around taboo issues, trying to make it look like everything is normal in the MSM. That's going to get alot more difficult. We're veering head first into parallel realities and multidimensional consciousness...all hidden in plain sight.

Disclosure, is it really leaking out in ever more unbelievable news?

Take the name Jesus Campos, for instance, the security guard who was shot before and/or after the massacre occurred, depending which day you listened to the reports.

Jesus cam pose. 

I brought up the Jesus defense a long time ago in 2013

And again recently, in the classic Jesus cam pose right after Hurricane Irma leveled my house. God knows I adore my angel.... Jesus cam pose, lol

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