Eight months have passed since I came to a full realization about what Chemtrails are.

Five months ago I watched in horror under a UV light as white fibers squirmed over my skin and vanished into me.

The centers of my eyes glowed a disturbing yellow.  The aren't supposed to glow.  I looked it up.


In watching the internet and speaking with others, a new reality has unfolded in front of my eyes.

Careful observation of the policies and events involving every aspect of the world's governments and agencies

has left no doubt that we are experiencing a slow-kill exposure to toxins deliberately placed into our air, water, food and medicines.  We are also being heavily assualted by ELF's, ULF's and RF's....frequencies that penetrate our bodies every moment of our lives and are virtually inescapable.


My new rule of thumb is that:

If it's cheap and good, it's probably dangerous and toxic.

If it's hard-to-find, bad-mouthed in the common media or attacked by the FDA or EPA....it's probably useful.


It's not my nature to be paranoid.  When attempting to share my observations with friends and neighbors, I discovered an alarming lack of interest.  People who appeared to function in a normal manner began to reveal a side of their thinking that can only be described as hypnotized, dumbed-down or drugged up.  This was the real fire under my ass that sent me on a mission of rooting out facts and taking responsibility for my own health.


It has always been my position that the body is a self righting mechanism that should function perfectly.  A doctor may sew up a wound or give a pill, but the true healing process is a complete mystery.  After several months using my own body as a laboratory, I have come to realize how misguided and off track "modern" medicine actually is.  People have been trained to trust their doctors....when, in fact, their doctors know almost nothing about the current conditions which are a direct cause of so much illness today. 


My sister and I haven't seen each other in 10 months.  We spent a week together.  She was flabbergasted at the way my skin, hair and eyes looked.  She couldn't believe the improvement and wanted to know my secret.  I told her there was no secret...just a lot of work.....a lot of mindfullness.  The interesting thing was the moment I met up with her and her husband, I KNEW my research is headed in the right direction.  They looked as if they had aged several years.  There minds were dull as if drugged or hypnotized.  Their skin revealed the signatures of what is being called "morgellons" but is more accurately "Toxic Assualt Disease".  Their 9 year old labrador dog also looked terrible.  His old face hung on his skull....he was skinny beyond what is healthy, he limped with aching joints, his expression was dull an uninterested and fearful.


My sister and her husband, Ed, watched my treatments which Ed called "Snake Oil".  I didn't point out the intense arial spraying going on while we houseboated Lake Powell.  Secretly I treated the dog with Kleen Green and MMS and supplemented his food with organic brown rice and fish.  He had ear mites out of control....and when I asked my sister why the vet hadn't cured him, she seemed confused.....saying that it was "normal" for them to come back again and again.  I suggested she wouldn't have accepted this answer if they had been in HER ear.  I cured the ear mites and gave her the Kleen Green.  The dog loved his baths and food and by the end of the trip he was acting like a young dog again...

perky, bright, interested in finding a stick for us to throw....full of goofy expressions, alert and, as my sister noticed, "He hasn't scratched ONCE!"


I have no idea what it takes to wake people up to the reality around them.  It simply may be they have lost the capacity to open their minds and eyes.  It's scary.  I find myself wondering "What am I missing?"






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Comment by Vinyl Lady on January 26, 2013 at 16:57

I don't know what to make of this!

A friend found it in the AirCrap.org site....and I can't find it there....

so am pasting it from my email from him. 

To it's credit, water is a little understood and highly under estimated resource.

Water has memory and responds to emotions in ways not understood.

Make of it what you will.....but I'm trying it!!


Dear all,

i’m from germany and end of November 2011 my natural health professional  found morgellons in my blood while he did a regular inspection of my blood  through “Dunkelfeldmikroskopie” which shows your blood enlarged 2000 times on a  24″ monitor. I saw the morgellons for the first time in my life, because i never  heard of this before. He showed me some pictures of this desease and i was  completely shocked. But he calmed me immediately, because he has found a simple  way to eliminate morgellons from the body.

I started immediately to do what he proposed. He gave me the radionic digital  codes of morgellon and of nano particles, which he had found in 2 years of  experimental work with his radionik equipment and a lot of real morgellon  patients. All i had to do was to write them down on a small piece of paper and  to place the water i drink for the day on this paper!

I did this now for 2 month and believe it or not: the morgellons were no  longer in my blood which was prooved last week by a “Dunkelfeldmikroskopie” and  a radionic test of my blood. Now i am completely restored and free of  morgellons!

I know this sounds completely idiotic, but trust me and try it yourself! You  have nothing to loose but a lot to win. It will cost you absolutely nothing.

Place the water (natural from deep sources, no gas please!) you drink just on  a small paper and place it below this water. The water will pick up the  inofrmationcode for morgellons/nanos and transport it to your body. Your body  will then know what to to with this unorganic material: throw it out of your  body. That’s stupid simple and without risk/cost.

Summary of what you do to eliminate morgellons from your body:

1.) Write this 2 numbers on a piece of paper:

Morgellons: 598392400 Nanos: 1315808905

2.) place your drinking water glass bottle on it and drink of it everyday  for 2-3 months (2 liters per day)

3.) Your morgellons will be gone in 2-3 month. If you have already symptoms  it could take a bit longer but you will see how everything gets better day by  day.

4.)Enjoy your new life.

God bless Mr. Ekkehard Scheller from germany who found this code and made it  public in this article end of November 2011 (german language):


All the best for you! Pond

Comment by Vinyl Lady on October 8, 2012 at 11:03

"....better nutrition...."

"....the conquest of infectious disease...."


So many lies.  Mis info.  Dis info.

It's absurd.  To have scientists sniffing after money....disgusting.


Comment by May Day on October 8, 2012 at 6:21

Not for me thanks VL but I read the link.

If there's one thing I've learned from Morgellons it's who I am and what I believe.

My advice would be to trust your own instinct and take paths from there.

Lead yourself... Heart first.

Comment by Vinyl Lady on October 8, 2012 at 5:07

Morning, Rose.

You give me WAY too much credit.  You were ready to face the dark facts that haunt us all.

Providing a place to speak without the interference of trolls and internet shills...

REALLY important.


Thanks for the histoical review of my adventures here.  I remember that microwave article

and video.  I got rid of that microwave and started turning off all the frequency based

entertainment things like the TIVO, the Blue Ray, the router and the cell phones.  That

video alerted me to the whole Smart Meter thing....so when the innocent little "Notice

of Installation" arrived from the electric company, I was already armed with the facts!

Now I watch people around me suffer and sign up for months of painful agony as their

doctors fail to cure them.  I just found out that my close friend who died was struggling

with a bacterial or viral infection of her stomach lining.  She never told me.  I could have

cured that in no time....but instead she did round after round of ineffective antibiotics

that weakened her and took away her will to live.  As long as this toxic war on humanity

continues in secret, people cannot choose life.  It sucks.  This sadness is one of my biggest


RE: the baking soda thing....I've noticed that one dose doesn't give my body what it needs

to make it thru the day in an alkaline state.  Now I've moved to a smaller dose twice a day.

Persistance seems to be the key.  The chemtrailers are persistant and perhaps our challenge

is to match their persistance in avoidance of the dirty little toxins they sprinkle upon us

in every way, shape and form.

Oh!  Last night I was listening to a John Lash interview and he mentioned something

about a scientist who documented creating dust mites from crystals using only

frequencies??!!  The frequencies are huge.  I was playing Sodoku on my cell phone

while waiting for things....and after about 2 weeks I started to feel...like a bug crawiling...

on that hand that holds the phone.  I gave up iPhone games immediately!!


Comment by Vinyl Lady on October 8, 2012 at 4:54

Hi, May Day:   I have no idea how to speak about the Gnostics.  The whole Gnostic thing

makes total sense.  If such a practice of deep spirituality had been allowed to bloom and grow,

our world would be a completely different place.  The fact that a war was raged against them

makes it a very interesting topic.  One thing you could do is get a copy of John Lash's book

"Not in His Image".

Yes, Brain Child.....isn't it so very interesting??  I'm still listening to his stuff and hope

his interpretation of the ancient texts is solid.    The idea that our imagination is a gift

from Sophia to aid us in protecting ourselves and our world is a new idea for me.  I'm trying to figure out how to use imagination to keep myself strong and clear.  Any ideas?  I will venture

to that website later.  John Lash's website is http://www.metahistory.org/.  He suggests, as does Sophia Smallchild, that the transhuman movement is a misguided invitation towards our own

limitations.  I agree with that.

Now the question is how exactly can we use this information to benefit self and others?



Comment by rose on October 7, 2012 at 10:44

John Lash is the gnostic media more or less.  Listening.  

What I love about you VL is that you are not paranoid. You are far past this point and this is your success in departing the information you share with us.  If people sense paranoia or fear they are less likely to take a look at this critical information.  

Thanks for the tip on bacterial blooms and why  you would drink baking soda and water at night. I drink it in the morning,. Shall change this routine. pH management is critical  isn't it VL and I don't think this can be stressed enough. We don't want to go to neutral, I understand the body likes to be slightly acidic, but to much acid is our killer.  An acidic body will breed cancer/disease.

I love the idea of the car VL. No Fear and shout it out.

I would love to see an updated image VL - you posted one a year ago here... I have aged shockingly in the last three years.  We are exposed to so many toxins and EMR/F that its really no surprise.  There are few foods I actually eat 

Sorry to hear your family have become zombies The mind parasites have been busy.  It's not their fault. They are simply not ready.  I had to come to this conclusion. It's kind of weird walking in another pardigm, watching your family suffering, knowing full well why.  One has to adopt a kind of clinical approach to it. Letting go isn't easy but it' s necessary

You joined us in May 2011.  I will never forget you coming. You made me look at an area that freaked me out. I realised if I was freaked, then it was something that needed addressing with members.  You seemed to methodically move through the motions to show what you have learned.  Your first comment was on the microwaved Basil experiment.  http://thecontrail.com/forum/topics/beware-of-your-microwave?commen...

Since this time I have so enjoyed your company and sharing VL.

That is such great news on the labrador!  Clean Green rules.

Comment by May Day on October 7, 2012 at 10:22

Can't watch you tube connection too slow... Crib notes, description for me VL?

Comment by Vinyl Lady on October 7, 2012 at 8:36

I just found this video and am still sitting here with my mouth open!

This man, John Lash, has spent years and years studing the Gnostic texts ...

which I began studying.....but never expected ANY OF THIS.....


Stunned VL

Comment by May Day on October 7, 2012 at 7:58

Ph control keeps them from destroying our bones too VL.

Meningitis out breaks here too. Not fungal as far as I know.

There's a product you bathe in called Pineatarsol, it resets your Ph to 6.5. You can get it over the counter at the chemist (or for us lucky Kiwi's subsidised on a Doc's script 3$ a bottle).

Not sure if they have a similar thing in US but she's a quick fix if you accidentally eat the wrong thing or get too sick and lose control of your detox for a few dayze.

Check out the movies on Sky's page VL.

http://thecontrail.com/profile/BlueSky she's been doing light irradiation.

Comment by Vinyl Lady on October 7, 2012 at 7:13

That "disjointed" feeling seems to be a common occurance lately.  I've noticed my writing

jumps around much more than usual. 

From you post I came to consider the idea that the earth's "Schumann Resonance" has been

artifically altered.  Interesting idea.  SOme people think we are spiraling thru a more dense

area of space than before...and the pressure on the solar system is causing the planets to heat up and the schumann resonance to raise. Have you heard this theory?

There was an outbreak of "fungal menningitis" here in the states.  It was caused by contaminated of a batch of steriods....?  Such odd goings on.  It's my belief we are all

infested with unusually high levels of fungus which is running out of control causing auto immune diseases and cancers....and more.  There is no test to see if fungals are too high in the body.

Managing one's bodily Ph is critical.  Every night I'm drinking a few ounces of water with a teaspoon of baking soda...just so in the night I don't get overtaken by fungal blooms....

or bacterial blooms....The immune system has a much better chance of self-correcting at a perfect bodily Ph of 7.  Our modern life style (completely crafted and sold to us by the PTB) promotes a highly acidic environment where fungus and bacteria run wild.

Babbling now.

Heavy chemtrails today....the sky was white when I got up.  My sis got up and checked the sky in the night and was horrified.  The 21st century isn't anything like I had hoped.


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