Not the name of a trendy boutique cafe.possums.

On Sun 3rd June at Tairua about 15 30 I saw & snapped a genuine chemtrail that was turned off then on again as the plane travelled parallel to the coast towards Tauranga.  Am trying to transfer the photos that will hopefully show the contrail and the chemtrail. Not sure of wind direction but probably offshore.

Perhaps the plane can be identified from this info

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Comment by rose on June 7, 2012 at 17:48

I totally cracked up at your comment... not a trendy boutique - Love it! - go to this link (Radar Systems Defined) on the main menu.  The flight trackers are there. When I see a plane I snap it - take a screen shot of the flight radar and attach it to the photo.   I don't knw if you can wind back the time on it - that would be a great app!

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