Christchurch Earthquake: Remember September Part Three Martin Harris

I am posting this on behalf of Martin Harris of Uncensored ~ who had an accident with his computer. He will be back in a day or two but I wanted to get Part Three of his Christchurch series out to you pronto!

Christchurch Earthquake: Remember September Part Three

Martin Harris
March 18, 2018

By Martin Harris

The Great Unmapped

When my family and I emigrated to New Zealand in 1982, my Great Uncle Les, a proud Kiwi and walking repository of local knowledge, acted as  our self appointed guide to our new home. He was a tall man, reminiscent of Tolkein’s Treebeard. Despite being a humble painter/decorator by trade, he had undertaken a number of government contracts during his career, including the painting of several transmission towers, notably the iconic Sugarloaf analog transmitter. This brought him into contact with some knowledgeable sources.

One day, while talking a stroll through Cathedral Square, Uncle Les mentioned how, back in the late 1800s, the Cathedral had been damaged by an earthquake. Will it happen again? inquired then fifteen year old Martin. “Well, I saw a map about ten years back the DSIR made,” he boomed, “And there are faults right under our feet here” he swept his lengthy arm in the direction of Colombo street. “And believe you me,” he emphasised every word slowly, “One day soon, all of this will come crashing down”.

Soon? When? He bent down to my ear, his voice quietening and his eyes gazing afar as if discerning the future. “Not in my lifetime maybe Martin, but in yours….?”

I have never publicly shared this story before, but in light of the following corroborating story, now would seem to be the right time:

I joined the DSIR geophysics division in 1973 and spent my first week asking other scientists what they were working on. One showed me a series of beautifully made coloured contour maps of Christchurch and the surrounding area. He told me they were earthquake probability maps that indicated which areas were safer than others. I was very impressed and said so. Then he told me that unfortunately these maps had been recalled by the Government Printer, and he had been gathering up all the maps that morning so he could distribute the new version. I asked what the difference was, and was invited to compare them. I did so, and commented the first maps showed variable earthquake risk over the whole area, but the new ones showed the risk as all stopping at the edges of the built-up areas. He said, “Yes.”

We were both disgusted. I offered to take one of the maps as evidence, but he said the maps were all numbered and we could not do so. My new friend did not know the reason for the change, but thought it was perhaps to protect property values.
Stephen R Hicks 

SOURCE (With thanks to “Jihadi John”  )

And yet, here we have NZ geologist Mark Quigley, mere days after the devastating Feb22 quake:

Resurrection: Christchurch Moving On

Though ChristChurch Cathedral will almost certainly be restored to former glory, the fate of other heritage buildings, indeed the future of the city itself, is less clear. From the Hereford Street bridge, Christchurch’s central business district is a scene of wanton violence and destruction. It is as though Titans have wrestled and stumbled among the … Continue readingResurrection: Christchurch Moving On

So was Quigley ignorant or lying? You decide.

Was the February Earthquake predictable? Even the most conservative answer is “YES”:

Gateway To Atlantis

So here we are in 2018. My city is gone, and Uncle Les, God Rest His Soul, was right. Half of the street I live on is now reverted to native swamp, and the affluent suburb recently built adjacently suffered the worst.

Read more at NZ's Uncensored.

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Comment by Martin Harris on March 21, 2018 at 10:49


I beleive in destiny. All my life ever since I was very young I knew that I didn't "belong" in England and that I would experience something "apocalyptic" later in life.

I believe I was meant to be here and experience and learn these things first hand so that I may pass on to others the knowledge. Before these earthquakes I thought this whole HAARP thing was nonsense. Nothing like first hand experience to change a person.

These warnings from my uncle didn't scare me; they fortified me and prepared me.

That doesn't make it any more terrifying when it actually happens, but my family and I were as prepared as we can be, and we coped well. 

The last entry in this blog was titled "Not just New Zealand".

So why should I run and hide like a frightened animal, straight into the jaws of danger elsewhere? Are we animals living on instinct or human beings? Do we keep our heads screwed on and use common sense and logic in the face of danger or do we run away screaming?

Christchurch is my home. My family loves New Brighton and we FIGHT for it. We stand up tall and strong and the Elite and the NWO can get stuffed.

If my family gives up and runs away from everything we have lived, loved and worked for, then the Elites have won.

Life is filled with extraordinary experiences: It's what we take away from those experiences, and how we use those experiences, that really counts.

That which does not kill you only makes you stronger.


Who among you is going to run away (straight into danger elsewhere) and who is going to stick around and stand up to these NWO bastards?

Comment by rose on March 20, 2018 at 7:33

We should focus on what is in front of us - the stuff that we can prove without puling in material we haven't got a hope of researching thoroughly and certainly not proving,  This subject is way to precious to NZ to be taken off down yet another rabbit/propaganda hole.

People killed our people ~who and how is something that can be focused on.

Martin. the story you shared regarding your great uncle... good story mate but may I ask, even with this warning, why your family were still in Canterbury?  Just curious, did you think this was the ramblings of an old man or was it something you took seriously? 

Comment by Martin Harris on March 19, 2018 at 22:14

Don't know anything about Quigley being thrown out Sandi. I heard he got paid 50 grand for doing a great propaganda job?

Failure to comply? Lost me on that one too. I think John The Banker did everything they asked of him.

I did hear from a friend about odd military activity around the time of the Kaikoura quake though.

Comment by Sandi Cooke on March 19, 2018 at 21:12

I also heard the earthquake in Sept was a "warning" to comply or else!!! As we did  not comply ( with what ask the cabal that question) seems that we got the Feb one as retaliation. After which we did comply, then more compliance was wanted by the cabal and again I understand that we did not comply hence the Kaikoura quake. And what, does anyone know were the military searching for inland of Kaikoura in the mountains? I am told by someone in the know that more units were sent to search for "something: than were on hand to help the townsfolk. Hmmm I wonder??  Bases in the mountains/underground ( ET ones I mean) !! there is so much heresay and so many people know a little that its hard to put it all together!!

Comment by Sandi Cooke on March 19, 2018 at 21:06

I heard that Mark Quigley spoke out about things he should not have  re the earthquake shoprtly after the Feb one and was told to leave the country immediately, in fact thrown out. Anyone else collaborate this?

Comment by Rainbow Cat on March 19, 2018 at 19:58

Ur doin a super great job there Martin and I can't thank u enuff. Hope the puta probs get sorted pronto.

Comment by Martin Harris on March 19, 2018 at 18:40

My humble thanks Rose

Still not fully sorted with my new PC but nearly there.

For those who don't know I had a wee mishap immediately after finishing this article, got it published at Uncensored and disaster struck. Rose to the rescue!

When I'm all ship shape I'll publish the entire article here as it's good to have this stuff at more than one location (they've been known to vanish).

And Saru, yes it is quieter living next to a swamp and closer to nature...and mozzies

Comment by Saru G on March 19, 2018 at 17:00

Nothing wrong with living by a swamp Martin. Works for me...

Another great article by the way.

Comment by Fiona Hansen on March 19, 2018 at 8:43

Very interesting thanks Martin. The story about Ch Ch ever unfolding. A lot of damage control has/is going on it seems. My daughter and family lived in Linwood for 2yrs going back 10yrs ago while her partner set up a branch of our business there. She was amazed to find that most people she met were on antidepresants. She also became quite down in the dumps. I must say when I visited her, I felt the vibe. A cross between fear and impending doom. Now we know she was living over unstable energy - I think Linwood is gone.

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