Buy ‘green’ alternatives

Plastic can easily be made out of hemp and corn stock cellulose. But instead of allowing the free market to prop up these great alternatives, the government stood in the way of it, every step of the way while virtue signalling about the environment.

From Doreen

As long as people buy … manufacturers will produce harmful products. Taking responsibility for what we purchase carries a positive signature energy. So does responsible disposition.

Based on incomplete science and omissions, governments justify a carbon control matrix to increase taxes, higher utility rates, and ultimately rationing and restricting utility usage.

The missing link in the climate changer’s story is ‘geoengineering’, an array of technologies and applications that include stratospheric aerosol injection i.e. planes discharging toxic chemicals that contaminate our food, water, atmosphere and block sunlight, causing harm to people and other life forms.

War on Vitamin D

Doctors in my locale are sending patients for blood tests to assess Vitamin D deficiency and following up with ‘prescriptions’ for Vitamin D.

On rare sunny days, and before planes start spraying chemicals that spread out across the sky, get yourself outside and soak up those rays of sunshine.

Please share to assist, and remind others of the Power of voting with our $$$. Thank you.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse

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