Critical Planetary Geometry May 23-28, 2018 | Purification

Published on May 22, 2018

On May 20th the Sun, Mercury and Neptune lined up. A seismic increase may occur as a result when the Moon lines up with Neptune early on May 23rd. Around the same time Earth will be aligned with Mercury and Jupiter possibly adding to an electromagnetic amplification. On May 26th Earth will be aligned with Venus and Jupiter which adds a quake watch from May 26th to May 28th.

Interactive Map of Active Volcanoes and recent Earthquakes world-wide

Present uptick in  planetary eruptions may be a precursor to …

Rare event to occur in Solar System July 19, 2018 – Several days..

Published on Jun 18, 2017

Looking ahead down the superhighway in the sky I couldn’t help but notice something very interesting about to unfold as I approached the July 2018 time frame. Something very unique was revealed to me. Pretty rare actually.

Planetary purification, transformation, re-creation

From Julie of Light Omega

We who live during this time are in the midst of an extraordinary process of growth and transformation – a change related to the earth’s evolution into a new level of consciousness and being. This sacred transition, ordained at the beginning of time, will change life as we know it, and we are both witnesses to and participants in the transformative process.

In order to complete this transition, purification of the old is needed to root out, heal, and transform all that cannot hold the new, higher vibration of spiritual light now entering the earth’s physical and energetic body. What will result from this infusion of energy on both individual and global levels will be the creation of a new and sanctified body of light for individuals and for the earth, and the creation of a new and sanctified planetary consciousness.

The purification of the earth is analogous to that of the individual, for each being goes through the same process of separation of energies of light and darkness, brought about by the advent of greater light. As intense and challenging as the purification process may be at times, its aim is to create healing and redemption, the possibility of living life from a new perspective.

In the case of the individual, purification often involves the upsurge into consciousness of formerly concealed negative emotions and thoughts that resided in a subconscious layer of the psyche and were, for the most part, inaccessible. Such emotions as anger, fear, sorrow, or grief that may have been deeply buried, now rise into awareness, often with no apparent external stimulus to cause them to do so.

On the physical level, purification can involve the manifestation within the body of symptoms resulting from the release of energies formerly bound by cells, organs, and tissues. Such purification-related symptoms, often undiagnoseable, relate to aspects of consciousness that we have needed to repress in an effort to cope with life’s challenges. Due to the phenomenon of repression, these find their way into our bodies and ‘crystallize’ as points of vulnerability or dis-ease. When such ‘crystallization’ takes place, focal points of consciousness become part of the physical structure of our body rather than becoming a point of awareness – something that is increasingly understood today as a function of the mind-body connection. Where and how these energies do this relates to the patterning of our physical structure – a patterning generally established on the soul level before birth which creates a ‘blueprint’ for areas of vulnerability and for potential areas of crystallization. READ more at

From Doreen

Returning to the One True Creator

The more we do our own inner work [transform dark, dense energy a.k.a. purification] the more grounded and centered we are to deal with adversity, and the more ease and grace flow as we transition into a new era.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse

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