EDUCATION: A Serious Subject In Public, and In Schools Dumbing Down Children

“Somewhere between paranoia and denial lies the truth.” Neal Fox

By Neal Fox

The only way to keep people free is for them to be educated. It was no coincidence that slave owners made it a crime to teach slaves how to read. They knew that an educated public was a danger to their control.

To give you one example of how education protects you, let’s take False Flag Operations.

A false flag operation is the act of attacking your own people (or letting an attack happen) with the desired outcome of creating popular approval to go to war against whoever you claim caused the attack.

Simply put, the Leaders want to go to war with Lower Slabovia. They see lots of economic gains from putting in the leader of their choice. But the people don’t want war.

So the Leaders blow up a plane filled with their own people and claim it was caused by the Lower Slabovian terrorists. Now the population is outraged and calls for massive war against Lower Slabovia.

It’s a common operation used throughout history (See Operation Northwoods, The Gulf of Tonkin incident, etc).

But here’s the good news. Once enough people know what a false flag op is, it loses all it’s effectiveness. The people won’t just rise up calling for blood. They’ll start to wonder and look for the telltale signs of a false flag. So the knee-jerk reaction is averted.

The best weapon against tyranny is EDUCATION!

That’s exactly why I created the CONSPIRACY Project. It is proven to be at the right level for people new to the Liberty Movement. It uses entertainment, art, music, to get people thinking in a way they might not have been. And, hopefully, they’ll start asking more questions, which leads to an educated population.

Get a copy and have screenings at your house. Invite people to ask questions. There will be some disagreement but a lot more agreement. Don’t get into arguments. Let them have their opinions. As we’ve seen, most people will find many things they weren’t aware of. And they will walk out of the screening with some healthy doubt about what they’ve been spoon fed by the mass media.

You can watch Neal Fox’s full movie here

Deliberately Dumbing Down School Children

Neal Fox
Published on Nov 17, 2010

The 3Rs that formed basic skills taught in schools of old are now the 3Ds: Deliberately Dumb Down … body, mind, Spirit/Soul.

? dated

Are Wi Fi Systems in Schools Safe?

There has been a worldwide shift in thinking about the safety of the widespread adoption of  Wi-Fi systems for internet access in schools. These systems are convenient, however they use similar radio frequency electromagnetic radiation (RF EMR)  frequencies as cell phones, cordless phones and microwave ovens. Although at lower power, these microwaves pass through the body and can affect fragile biological processes during development. Children absorb more brain radiation due to thinner skulls.  Parents, teachers and researchers are concerned that kids are being exposed to harmful radiation continuously without consideration of adverse long term health effects, effects on learning and concentration as well as related psychosocial issues with privacy, security, commercialism, social media and internet addiction. Many community and parent  groups have organized to oppose Wi-Fi in local schools, arguing that wiring schools is safer, more secure and cheaper. Expert  physicians and scientists have called for precaution advising cell towers and Wi-Fi should not be used in schools and written enlightening and sobering letters.

Guidelines For Safer Use of Wireless Technology in Classrooms

One page handout you might share with local school boards and or schools.

Continuous exposure to Wi-Fi radiation or a nearby cell tower can cause a generalized stress response which affects various biological systems, especially the nervous system.

Current Issues: Cell Phones and Wireless

Wireless technologies are proliferating rapidly in every aspect of our lives, and while they may be convenient, emerging research suggests that they are also impacting our health, even at levels far below FCC standards. Small, but powerful transmitters in personal devices, routers, smart meters, distributed antenna systems (DAS) and other localized wireless components that facilitate two-way communication all combine to increase our exposure to wireless radiation, also known as “microwave radiation” or “radiofrequency (RF) radiation.”

Long considered to be harmless, low-level exposures to this type of radiation are now recognized as being capable of damaging DNA, interfering with normal brain development, and increasing the risk of certain cancers. Wireless radiation has been classified as a Group 2B carcinogen by the World Health Organization, and even manufacturers of wireless devices have begun warning consumers to keep these devices away from their bodies. (For a listing of scientific studies, please see the Emerging Science on Wireless Radiation).

The body, mind, Spirit/Soul of children is under assault from biohazard food, water, air, vaccines, wireless technology; dogma, pedophilia, ritual sacrifice, etc.

There is no law enforcement protecting us, so why participate in elections that give the cabal the RIGHT to GOVERN however they choose?

Are communist rulers what we plan to leave our children and grandchildren?

If you care, and choose to live in a safe, healthy, peaceful, harmonious world, please share because ‘caring in action’ is Power to attract remedy and relief. Thank you.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse

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