"Epidemic" of sinus and chest infections in Northland..and chemtrailing of course.

I don't know if this has been reported anywhere in the MSM or otherwise but this is my observations so that's official enough for now.

Almost every other person I know is suffering either sinus or chest infections here in Northland. The local pharmacy tell me its like EVERYBODY is sick. Ive been plagued by sinus problems for weeks and now have had to resort to antibiotics for a chest infection (which are helping thankfully). Never eaten so much yoghurt in my life. Its hard to get those suckers down. Got the Olive Leaf and the Wild Oregano lined up for when the Doctor drugs have finished. Trust me, its way too much to do all that at once :-( (would insert sickly emoji but nothing on this site is working that well at the mo).

Just thought it worth logging this, and also the fact that weve been plagued with dust and mould all summer/autumn which Im pretty sure is due to the intense weather modification. Its been so wet our tanks overflowed half a dozen times (and theres the humidity of course), then when the suns out theres so much trailing that the air dries right up on ya.
And the dust is weird, like if we had a drought Id understand why theres a constant coating of it but you wipe it off one day and its back 48 hours later. Even my pals in town nowhere near dirt roads have the same issue. Makes me suspect its coming from the chemtrails.

Oh and speaking of chemtrails heres a recent one from Whangarei..great spotting from Clare Swinney there.


I haven't been out snapping photos of dodgy skies, been too busy either throwing out mouldy stuff, dusting, and saving whatevers worth saving. Ripped out 2 year old carpet tiles in my bedroom and sleeping in the lounge. This much housework in the face of geoengineering truly sucks.

All the best everyone.. putting the kettle on for some hot Manuka Honey/Lemon or something. Cats PJS over n out...for now.

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Comment by cats pajamas on May 23, 2018 at 19:05

Thanks for the update Clyde, hope you all shake it off. Still a lot of people getting knocked over with chest infections round here. The olive leaf seems to be helping and managing to keep the need for more antibiotics at bay.

Been thunderstorms, downpours and hailing today too. Sudden temperature drops at night after sweltering in the day. Seems the chemtrails suck all the moisture out of the air in the day then it all comes down at once a bit later on.

They love to hammer us with the icy skies while spouting the global warming lies in the same breath. Weather modification doublespeak.

Comment by clyde wainwright on May 22, 2018 at 22:44

Dry cough and achy joints here(x2 adults), progressed to a runny nose for me...Daughter and her extended family all had a bout of 'head-flu' but missus thinks hers is due to the anaesthetic from dentist on Friday. Also we have both noticed lots of dust which is unusual for a damp autumn. Weve both been commenting on lots of aerosols here in Northland in last week or two.(actually weve both been commenting on aerosols and HAARP since the late 90's but last big 'storm' which didn't bring any real weather to Northland bought heaps of particulates) 

Comment by Rainbow Cat on May 15, 2018 at 19:29
Had a good drenching here on the weekend but so far have managed to ward off the coughs and sniffles. It's turned warm again now.
Comment by cats pajamas on May 12, 2018 at 11:39
Wow I just checked this out and thinking about the pics Marian has posted here and wondering if this guy knows we exist...

Comment by cats pajamas on May 12, 2018 at 10:58
Thanks for your comments folks and the advice to keep off animal products from Elana too, not that I eat much of it anyway. Might try get some coconut yoghurt today, don't usually eat much dairy either.

Getting to be really frustrating these days, you can buy as much organic as you want but everything on earth is chemtrailed now. Interesting about the "dust" in the UK too Jen...didn't think what we are experiencing was natural.
Comment by George W. Reichel on May 12, 2018 at 7:24

Be thankful you have access to real Manuka honey.Wish you well.

Comment by Jennifer Goddard on May 12, 2018 at 1:39
Thanks Elana, yes that makes sense. Not a problem for me, I found eating anything when ill, really hard.
Comment by Elana Freeland on May 12, 2018 at 1:25

Lungs and large intestine are corollary organs in Chinese medicine. I cannot stress enough that when the lungs are laboring, ALL animal food must be avoided for at least 3 days, and that includes bone broth, chicken soup, etc. And ESPECIALLY with chemlung! Think it through: the animal is struggling with what is falling from the sky, too, so you are doubling up your intake.

Comment by Jennifer Goddard on May 12, 2018 at 1:17
Hi Cats PJS, Yes I found your report interesting because we also had a huge amount of people go down with chest infections, and persistent cough and flu, in fact my village was one of the hot spots, and I did get the flu for the first time ever when a relative came to see me, who had a friend with her, who was ill at that time...I ended up giving them a lift in my car, and a week later I had it.

Also the dust issue, yes I have noticed it,and said so to my son,because as soon as I wash more car, a day or two later, its covered again...I am sure people who do not notice it thing I am over the top, but i find it weird that many do not even notice these things...

We have also had very cold winds coming across UK for weeks now, even today, sun was out, but cold wind was back....The chemtrail skies have been dreadful but again, most do not even notice, they think its normal...

I am not sure why they don't see it, denial, or just not interested, but for two days of sunshine with beautiful blue sky, not a single trail in the sky, you would think they would wonder where all the planes have gone!

I look up every day, Curse the pilots as they fly over, and point them out if I am with someone, when walking, young people will always show interest, I tell them to look up on youtube, older folk just deny its a problem and some say its normal..

The world to day is in a weird place, so many asleep to the planet's major problems. Chemtrails is just one of them...
Comment by Marian on May 11, 2018 at 23:55

Sorry to hear of this Cats PJs...it's such a bummer when we get hit with the same nasties that are doing the rounds, despite being more aware of the health implications of sprayed skies. Hope you get on top of it soon as!
There's been some very dusty looking aerosol material floating around in the sky here lately,manifesting into artificial cloud of many different textures,forms,density and colours along with the presence of environmental filaments.
Tonight I have an annoying kind of " dry cough " which I hope doesn't develop into anything worse..also my eyes are irritated, which always tends to occur after I've noticed a lot of filaments in the air and floating off tree branches.

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