I came across something which judge to be extremely important & very concerning. Please watched and read the info available: *Professor Valentina Zharkova: The Solar Magnet Field and the Terrestrial Climate*


As an additional & specific commentary to Dr. Zharkova's presentation, I found a very...what shall I call it...alarming info about intentional 'censorship' in the official video presentation!. So.

I don't know 'who these folks are', and what they stand for, but take their information as 'food-for-thought'.

**BREAKING NEWS* Grand Solar Minimum CONFIRMED - Professor Valentina Zharkova Breaks Her Silence*



I'm not 'an alarmist-type'.

I'm ONLY interested in trying to build my own viewpoints thru all facts/info available.

Cheers Chris in Sweden

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Comment by Charming Anarchist on December 22, 2018 at 5:49

SHORT VERSION:  Our grandchildren will endure an ice age.  Some of them will not survive.  Some of us will survive... heh heh. 

All she is doing is running mathematical regressions on observational data with the hope of being able to predict cataclysmic cycles.  Change "sun spots" to "grass growing" and there is very little science in her presentation. 

This video is a great study on science-fiction disinformation and distraction of the masses.   The presenter shows her cards at the 55-57minutes mark and her tell is obvious from 1h00mins00secs to 1h00mins15secs when the fool-in-the-audience questions her assumptions.  Watch how her face shows disdain.  My guess is that she is thinking "Man, you are stupid.  Do you not know that this is all phoney??  You were only invited to fill up seats." silently in her head. 

None of her data is interesting, per se. Yeah, I know, it is complicated because none of us are supposed to know anything.   What may perhaps be interesting (assuming her observations are not just fudged) is HOW she arrives at them.


Professor Inspector Gadgetova, I have questions: 

So..... other than paying "inter-government" stooges to control stock up food (for whom? for the tax-players or for the elite?), what do you recommend with this wonderful knowledge?  Is there any other strategy??

So.... how do you measure magnetism of the sun? 


How does your magical solar-magnetometer work??  Who sells them? 

Comment by rose on November 12, 2018 at 7:09

A fitting song from one of my favourtie members - Saru G

Comment by rose on November 12, 2018 at 6:57

Hi Chris

Nice to see you on the board!

Thanks for the post - you asked for feedback t o the post (in chat) so I am here giving it.

Many of us here are sick and tired of the lies being thrust down our throats, like you are.  I have spend hundreds of thousands of hours going through footage like you have offered here but today I pick and choose what I spend my valuable viewing time... so I am suggesting, when you post the video, also post the youtube video summary (from under the clip) so folk have an outline  of the material.

We all now have goldfish mentalities and people potentially won't view a clip that is and hour or two long unless the information about the clip is well documented and then folk need to know at which point they can find the poignant  info' on the clip (ie the time).  :D 

This post is great but that was just a tip or two for future.

Solar max and mins happen every 11 years.  There is a ton of CO2 propaganda in the clip so I personally find anyone with that agenda very hard to take CO2 is NOT the problem and if the scientist is using data on Co2, I automatically switch off.  Science is the problem

Clif Highs data warned us in NZ many years ago, that a global cooling was happening, magnetic pole flips up in the northern Hemisphere (which are happening). 
He also called the Mini ice age so we all are ready for that possibility.

I don't fear what is coming.  I only fear those that try to interfere with what is natural (like the sun cycles)

You post looks very nice (I saw your comment in chat to TJ).

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