Yesterday I spoke with Doc. Gwen Scott who is buried in patients.

She has no internet, nor TV, nor cell phone, so the only way to communicate is via land line phone. 

She said a scientist friend of hers has found a fungus that he can't identify living in everyone's blood, including his own and Gwen's.

Gwen suggested this is causing a number of problems.......especially with cysts.....and cancers.   Autoimmune disorders are also on the list depending on how your immune system reacts to this invasion.


The biggest factor, of course, is diet.  Our diets seem to have been engineered to feed this fungus.  Sugar and yeast and gluten feed this problem.  Garlic is a powerful and fast acting ally. Caprillic acid (found in coconut products) is considered the most powerful anti fungal available without prescription, and often used by physicians who aren't getting resutls with the Big Pharma alternatives.


At this point, it seems all products emerging or endorsed by Big Pharma must be considered suspect. Western medicine has been so misdirected over the centuries as to be nearly useless.  It's a big leap to take responsibility for your own health. 


One study suggests the honey bees were attacked by a fungus tagged with a virus.  Perhaps that is what is in store for us as well.


It's a grim picture, but knowledge is our tool to cut thru the confusion regarding the alarming disintegration of our collective health.


Kaiser Permanente, a huge health insurance company here in the states, has issued a formal notification to all policy holders advising them to remove GMO's from their diet.  This is a red flag, for if such a large company has taken steps  in an effort to reduc  what must be hugely spiraling insurance costs, then what is the real story?  How much is being obscured from our vision?  The notice from Kaiser was not on the news.  Only the policy holders were notified.


I see Google was asking me if I want to know what people searched for in 2012.....if that info is available at their fingertips before the year has ended, why can't I find the current cancer death statistics?


It's hard to believe we are held inside such a delusional reality.  The efforts to create and maintain such a gigantic rouse are hard to imagine.....but undenyable when you see it.


May many come to see how things actually are here on planet earth.


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Comment by Vinyl Lady on December 23, 2012 at 6:47

MMS is a pathogen killer....meaning it kills bacteria, fungus, mold and

viruses.   When the big pandemic hits, it will be my first line of defense.

Now I keep a spray bottle of 25 activated drops in 6 oz of water for general

disinfecting....and am known to guzzle up to 12 drops if a virus is on the prowl.


Everything I've read about vaccines tells me they contain some kind of "key" or

invitation to various strains of viruses....allowing them to get a faster, more powerful

foothold into the body.   This may be a combination of metals like mercury along with

DNA.  We simply cannot know for sure, except that vaccines are bad.  Chelation is another

important activity.  Getting metals out of the body in an ongoing fashion is hugely important.


Every day I check the sky at dawn in hopes this chemtrailing is done.  It never is.  In fact,

the more old movies I review, the further back, I realize, chemtrails go.  Sometimes I just

want to give up.


Comment by Jenny on December 20, 2012 at 4:42

I do have MMS but I am still researching the effects of chlorine on him. I am very tempted to try it yet hesitant in case I make things worse. *sigh* This is a never ending task, trying to figure it all out but I push on.

A joint meditation would be amazing and  no doubt very benificial. So many thanks to you all for your love and compassion. I am extremely greatful.

Comment by Peter Laszlo on December 19, 2012 at 19:23

Jenny, have you tried MMS, miracle mineral supplement. We use it when ever we feel something coming on and it really works.
The active part is a free positively charged oxygen molecules looking to connect with any pathogens which are always negatively charged the oxygen zaps the pathogens or basically makes them neutral which means they are no longer causing any problems in the organism, the body. It can't hurt you or your son at all.
I've been brushing my teeth with bicarbonate of soda for over 10 years now, it also neutralizes all pathogens in the mouth and the gut and further in the blood that's why its curing cancer. I don't get ill.
Another thing we could all do together for you and your little boy is a group meditation.
This could be done anytime with all the people who are linked here a in the chat room, we only need to choose a moment and meditate for 10 to 15 minutes, your son doesn't even have to be aware that it's happening.
There is plenty of evidence all over the world that this method really does heal.
I send you all my Love, Peter.

Comment by Jenny on December 17, 2012 at 18:05

Hi VL,

He's completely off yeast. I am still using small amounts of raw honey to get the raw garlic into him. There's just no other way. SOme places say the raw honey is ok, some say not but at the moment, I have to get the garlic into him and this is the only way he will take it. I mix a good dose of ground ginger, tumeric, cinnamon and 3 cloves of garlic in a tablespoon of raw local honey and he gobbles it right up. The earth and her wares are quite simply amazing and forever giving. We are so lucky to have her.

As we are just as fortunate to have so many beautiful souls here to share with. Thank you all.

Comment by Vinyl Lady on December 17, 2012 at 17:45

Hi, Jenny,

It seems like any simple sugars, honey, fructose, etc, etc....all are food for yeast and fungus...

and yeasted breads.  I miss yeasted breads but eliminating them seemed very powerful.

Maybe be more strict about the yeast and less firm with a little sweetness.  Right now it seems

appropriate to keep an eye on the's kinda fun to test it and compare the colors!

If the body Ph is high, the invaders simply can't be very active.....and the body moves in and

does the work it knows how to do.  Living bodies are amazing in their ability to self correct.

Your little boy has abilities....."mad skills".....beyond our own.  With a mom determined to

keep him off the Western Medical Model grid....he's in good hands.

Sitting here now...

reading these posts...

such amazing hearts and and all.....

I feel absolutely overwhelmed a's very cool!


Comment by Vinyl Lady on December 17, 2012 at 17:33

That was beautiful, Charles.

Keeping perspective....taking life a little more lightly....

Your path sounds like the same one I took also.  My mom was a scientist

and I would have taken that path if it hadn't seemed so convoluted and misdirected.

There always seemed to be something REALLY WRONG with the entire educational system.

I thought it was me.....for the longest time.

My life had been peppered with the strangest experiences.....especially when I was young.

Everyone must have such experiences, tho not many people share them.

 Your words soften my grip on this reality....thanks!


Peter....what you said about the hands.....I was just thinking about that before I read your words!

I wanted to tell Jenny almost the exact same was on my mind also.


One night years ago my daughter was very sick with a very high fever and a cough.  We were

so worried.  Her dad stayed up listening to the cough and paceing.  I slept a few hours and at

3 am took her upstairs to the guest bed, climbed in and held her close to me.  I had been contemplating

how the energy of healing descends into a situation.   I tried to meditate in my groggy state, thinking

about inviting that  energy...emptying myself to become a perfect conduit....and then a thought

crossed my mind "She feels like a hot potato!"  It wasn't a worried just felt like I was literally holding a hot potato.  That was the last thought before sleep.  She did not cough again.  By dawn she was rested

and hungry.  Her dad was amazed.  It was almost a non-event....a solution via emptiness....

a getting out of the way and letting things be a little lighter.

Thanks for the love....and back at ya....


Comment by Jenny on December 17, 2012 at 17:31

VL, his digestion is ok but I know he needs more fibre. He's regular enough but I absolutely see the connection with proper digestion and the absorbtion of the vitamins and minerals. I will be checking his ph this week.  I thought of the acoustic issue too and can only imagine how horrible it would be if we took the carpet out. Argh! I think I'm ready for a mud hut with a rocket stove.

Thank you, Deanna. I have been trying my best to allow him to experience life exactly how he sees it. I'll be ripping him out of the school system the minute I see them not doing the same.

I do this, Peter. Daily. I visualise these invaders in his body dying and being replaced by beautiful orgainics. I also walk him through the process of healing himself with the energy of Universe. He's 5, so it must be interesting in his mind, to do this. I hold him tight and feel the energy move up my chakras, from bottom to top and back down to  centre before rushing into his beautiful soul, stright from my heart. Until we are both wonderfilled.

Comment by Peter Laszlo on December 17, 2012 at 16:41

Thankx for this Vinyl Lady.

Jenny, excuse me for saying but we all have the power to heal each other, it's there in your hands and your Heart.

You just have to believe it and wonders will happen.

Put yours hands on your boy and fill him with Love, it will do the both of Good.

I send you both my Love, Peter.

Comment by deanna munson on December 17, 2012 at 13:50

@Jenny,how blessed you are to have such a child,and how blessed he is to have someone that knows who he is,and allows him to "be" instead of molding him into something else to suit their needs.Bless You Both

Comment by Vinyl Lady on December 17, 2012 at 13:09

Deanna....what you said about "....the only vaccine is to sanctify our world..."  It's SO intriguing you said

that cause that's been my main practice these last few days! 

Walking up the stairs thinking (The stairs are sacred)

and putting out the bird seed (thinking "seed is sacred")

and looking in the bird bath, then shaking

my fist at the trees calling out "NO POOPING IN THE BATH"....(thinking: "the poop is sacred")

and looking  up to the sky....seeing chemtrails.....realizing....EVERYTHING is sacred. 

It's just amazing to be here.


Rose:  They say that consuming vinegar and lemon juice turns the body alkaline, but in my recent experiments with these two substances, they DON'T.  Baking soda....1 teaspoon in a glass of water morning and night....

finally pulled my Ph up to above 7.  I've been working with it for a few weeks now and things are improving.

Originally I thought "Hey, GREAT...I can alkalanize my bod by drinking lemon water with stevia...."

and after three urine was pure battery acid.  So just a "head's up" on that one.


Jenny:  Wow.  You have a great attitude.  How is his digestion?  (The Ayurvedics always look at that first)

You've probably looked into GMO's...and already removed them. Have you tested his Ph?  The evidence

seems to be mounting that balancing Ph will balance the fungal bloom....along with dietary restrictions that you've already made.  I'm with you on the carpet thing.  My sister just removed all her carpeting.....and

she's been watching the chemtrails and fiber thing for about a year now.  To be honest, it ruined the

acoustics in the house and now anything that lands is subject to flying up again.  The chemdust seems to

stick to things but not plastic the sun hits the floor and you can watch the fibers migrate up

towards the face!  Bizarre but true.


It would be really interesting to know what his Ph is....first in the morning and in the afternoon is the suggested testing times.


Off to play with the baking soda,


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